His Excellency George Monteiro Prata, Ambassador of Brazil in the Czech Republic and Rebeca Moraes, Director of the Institute of the Czech-Brazilian Academic Cooperation (INCBAC)
His Excellency George Monteiro Prata, Ambassador of Brazil in the Czech Republic and Prof. Miroslav Vlcek, Vice-Rector for International affairs of the Czech Technical University at the UNIGOU Academic Internship Seminar
Tarcísio Lumack (left) counsellor of the Embassy of Brazil in Prague, Rebeca Moraes (center) and Petr Zelenský (right), directors of the Institute of the Czech-Brazilian Academic Cooperation (INCBAC)
Brazilian students visiting the Czernin Palace in Prague upon receiving an invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.
Institute of Czech-Brazilian Academic Cooperation
The Institute of Czech-Brazilian Academic Cooperation (INCBAC) was established with the purpose to connect Brazil and Czech Republic through excellent academic exchange. The Institute encourages the development of common projects and activities between Czech and Brazilian universities and research centers. It aims to strengthen the research cooperation and to promote the mobility of students and researchers from both countries.

The INCBAC supports the establishment of closer links between researchers and academic workers in the two countries. It also targets to bring closer the universities in the two countries, by promoting and mediating both oral recognitions and official bilateral agreements. One of the main activities of INCBAC is promoting the possibilities of short and long term study and research stays for Brazilian students in the Czech Republic. and Czech students in Brazil.

We strongly believe that the enhancement of the academic cooperation between the Czech Republic and Brazil will not only lead to new interesting activities between the two countries, but also help them to improve their international cooperation in general, considering the wider scope of other countries aside of the Czech Republic and Brazil.
The INCBAC Institute was one of the proud organizers of the international Conference Czech Republic and the Lusophone Countries: Education, Art, Digital Technology in Teaching (CRLC). The organization of the event was inspired by the long-term cooperation of the INCBAC Institute with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and the State University of Rio Grande do Sul. It brought new ways to further enhance the collaborative work among the Czech and Brazilian researchers, while the numerous participants had a chance to publish their work, exchange their experience and discuss their research activities. The conference was held in October 2020 with the support of the Czech Embassy in Brasilia, General Consulate of the Czech Republic in Sao Paulo and Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Porto Alegre.
The CRLC International Conference offered a unique opportunity to establish and strengthen valuable connections between researchers and artists from the Czech Republic and Portuguese-speaking countries. The event proved to be enriching to all its participants and served as an impulse for new international cooperation generating unique outcomes.
More information is to be found at the official web-pages of the conference: https://crlcconference.wordpress.com/
Sandra Lang Linkensederová – Ambassador, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Brasília
Miloš Sklenka – Consul General, Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Săo Paulo
Pavla Havrlíková – Former Consul General, Consulate of the Czech Republic in Săo Paulo
Romana Feiferlíková – Head of the Music Department, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
Gladis Falavigna – Professor and Researcher
at the State University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Rebeca Moraes – Director, INCBAC,
Institute of Czech-Brazilian Academic Cooperation
Luciano Andreatta – Head of the Graduate STEM Education Program at UERGS, Brazil
Filomena Ponte – Professor and Researcher
at the Catholic University of Portugal in Braga
Telmo Jaconi – Maestro at Orquesta Jovem do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
INCBAC Activities
The INCBAC Institute actively participated in the last two editions of the international conference Czech Republic and the Lusophone World – Past, Present and Future, held in May 2016 and April 2019 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.
The conferences were attended by state officials from the states of CPLP (Community of Portuguese Language Countries) block as well as a wider public. They were focused on the possibilities to enhance economic, cultural, scientific and educational cooperation among the Czech Republic and the Portuguese-speaking countries.
Rebeca Moraes and Petr Zelensky, the directors of the INCBAC Institute, had the honour to present to the conference participants the current state and future challenges of establishment of closer bonds between academic bodies of the Brazil and Czech Republic, being invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Well established annual Gatherings of Brazilian students participating in academic internships and study stays at Czech universities allow the students to share experience from their academical and professional activities and their stay in the Czech Republic. These events are organized every year by the INCBAC Institute, taking place on the ground of one of the cooperating Czech universities, usually by the end of February. With the support of the Embassy of Brazil in Prague and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, the gatherings offer a friendly ground to mingle and discuss various topics, with emphasis on the availability of international experience for university students and importance of scientific cooperation between the two countries.
Among other activities, the students have the chance to talk to the representatives of both states and also to the representatives of various universities, who can introduce them to the available Master and PhD opportunities in the Czech Republic. Ultimately, the event offers a great chance to strengthen bonds between the students and representatives of the Czech Academia and Czech and Brazilian International bodies, making it a perfect place to seek for further international endeavours.
In March 2017 a group of selected Brazilian students was received at the Czernin Palace in Prague, upon receiving an invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The palace is known to be one of the biggest and most iconic in the Czech capital. The ostensible construction currently operates as the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and constantly hosts meetings of heads of states and other officials.
Though the place is not opened for public visitation, the group of Brazilian students was invited to a guided visit of the palace, during which they could learn more about the Czech history and aspects of its diplomacy. They could also meet with the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and discuss with them issues related to the state international politics.
During the previous years, several groups of excellent students of International Relations and related fields were invited to „tea time“ talks organized by INCBAC Institute at the Embassy of Brazil in Prague. These meetings were held following the very generous courtesy of Brazilian Ambassador in Prague, H.E. George Monteiro Prata.
During the informal visits, those present had an opportunity to talk with the Brazilian Ambassador as well as the Deputy Ambassadors and discuss various aspects of both international and Brazilian diplomacy, life abroad, studies of International relations, in addition to an open dialogue about the present and future challenges of Czech-Brazil international cooperation.
A set of informal Progress Meetings is held every year within the UNIGOU Exchange Academic Program. Each of the meetings is held in a different Czech city. The first one in Prague is usually followed by the ones in Brno, Pilsen, Liberec, Olomouc, and České Budějovice. They bring an opportunity for Brazilian students to share outcomes of their research activities in the Czech Republic and present their accomplishments to the wider public. And, of course, get a valuable feedback and inputs from the audience.
The Progress Meetings are organized by INCBAC Institute and they always offer an amazing display of well-done work of promising young students and researchers within the wide field of specialization and expertise.
Following our long-term cooperation with the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), we were pleased to arrange a friendly visit of Consul General of the Czech Republic in Sao Paulo, H.E. Pavla Havrlíková at the grounds of the university. With the very helpful support of former student participants of the UNIGOU Exchange Academic Program, a gathering of the academic community was organized to welcome Mrs. Havrlíková and discuss with her the possibilities of masters and post-graduate studies in the Czech Republic.
The general meeting was followed by a discussion with members of the University Board, representing the Department of International Relations. The issues such as the establishment of closer relations of UNICAMP with top-level Czech universities and ways of institutional support of joint international research projects were addressed. The meeting surely provided a starting point for better research and educational cooperation between the two counties.
INCBAC Institute and the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (UWB) had the honour to host professor Gladis Falavigna of the University of Rio Grande do Sul (UERGS), as a part of the activities within the pilot project “Educação Empreendedora“ presented by the State Department of Economic, Science and Technology Development (SDECT) of Rio Grande do Sul. One month visit of Prof. Falavigna allowed the organization of multiple visits to elementary schools and colleges to assess the methods of basic education of the Czech Republic. Several open discussions with students, their parents, and teachers were planned to compare the educational models of the two countries.
The main aim of the visit of Prof. Falavigna at the Department of Musical Education (UWB) was to gather information and make a general overview of the basic education system of the Czech Republic, including its pedagogical, cultural and innovation aspects and, of course, to build a basis for future bilateral cooperation of the UWB and UERGS universities.
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