Abstract: The present paper aims to analyze the privatization of the Port of Vitória, which was carried out in 2022, marking the first privatization of a port authority in Brazil. Given the novelty of the port management model introduced with this privatization, the so-called private landlord port, replacing the landlord port, the question arises whether the privatization is an effective way to increase efficiency, balancing the risk of having a private company responsible of a matter of national sovereignty. To address this, it was made an analysis of the regulatory framework applicable to the sector, the New Ports (Law 12.815/2013), focusing on the possibilities of private sector exploration of port services. Along with that, it was researched the major ports in the world and its administration model, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Keywords: Port Authority, Ports, Law, Ports administration models, Port of Vitória, Brazil, Privatization.
Privatization of Ports in Brazil: Is It a Way to Increase Its Efficiency?
Raggi Abikair, Felipe
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Abstract: The pursuit of high performance by workers have had devastating effects. Every revolution experienced by humanity, we have both positive and negative factors intrinsic to the respective changes. Mental health issues are not recent, but due to the conditions and demands experienced by workers over the years have intensified this situation, and what was once only theoretical has now been quantified by international organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), which annually reveal alarming data regarding the effects that this high productivity has on workers. In Brazil, the situation is no different, with data indicating a growing number of people with mental illnesses associated with the workplace, leading to absences, and, in extreme cases, even suicide. Mental illness is a public issue and should receive attention from the government as well as the private sector and other stakeholders because the trend is for the number of people affected by these mental disorders to increase. Through a bibliographical research sought to understand the relationship between mental illness and the work of organizational and work psychologists, and how these professionals can be strategic in promoting a public mental health policy. It is necessary a change structural in society, starting with the academic environment, which plays an essential role in the education of future professionals who will work in these settings. They possess the technical and specialized knowledge needed to deal with the current scenario of mental illness resulting from the work environment.

Keywords: Organizational and Work Psychology; Mental Health, Occupational health.
Prospects for a Public Mental Health Policy in Brazil
Ramos Lima, Nathalia
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Abstract: The World Bank is known to be an institution that promotes development and has as one of its priorities to improve the educational system, especially in developing countries. This paper focuses on the reflexes of the World Bank’s actions and agenda in Brazil’s education and its changes after the COVID-19 pandemic. This study provides a critical assessment of the bank’s creation, the differences between its politics when it was founded and nowadays, exploring through official documents what were the actions taken by the institution and why were they made. It also shows its relation with Brazil, the agenda adopted to assist the educational system and focus on the changes that took place after the pandemic. The study was made based on a qualitative data analysis and literature review of the institution’s documents and published articles. This analysis showed the inefficiency of the World Bank in assisting developing countries during crisis and most importantly the permanence of the same agenda for education in Brazil for several years, even after significant changes in the global scenery.

Keywords: World Bank, Brazil, Education, COVID-19.
The World Bank and Its Reflexes in the Brazilian Education Post COVID-19
Rezende Monteiro, Alice
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Abstract: This research paper presents a comprehensive qualitative analysis of the innovation ecosystem in Cornélio Procópio, a small city situated in the northern region of Paraná State, Brazil, with a specific focus on sustainability aspects of the city’s development. The study evaluates the city's current innovation landscape, encompassing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats while examining the collaborative efforts of key stakeholders, including non-profit organizations, businesses, local government entities, and university leaders and students. The research methodology relies on a meticulous review of scientific papers, publicly available data, and interviews with community members actively engaged in promoting sustainability within the ecosystem.

Keywords: Innovation Ecosystem, sustainability, development, SWOT Analysis.
Qualitative analysis of the Sustainability aspect of the Innovation Ecosystem of Cornélio Procópio
Ribeiro de Sá Almeida, Laís
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Abstract: Helicobacter pylori is known for being the main cause of Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD), knowing that a large percentage of cirrhotic patients develops PUD and that cirrhotic patients have shown to have a higher risk of H. pylori infection. Consequently, studies were made to contemplate if there was a relation between H. pylori infection in cirrhotic patients with the occurrence of PUD, meaning to find if the bacteria eradication could diminish or terminate the development of PUD in cirrhotic patients. Therefore, this narrative review aims to critically evaluate pre-existing studies on the topic, using a search database with no time restriction based on articles on PubMed, resulting in the inclusion of 10 relevant studies. The present narrative review acknowledges a consistent pattern of little to no relation of H. pylori infection being a cause for PUD in cirrhotic patients, believing an "ulcerogenic factor" in cirrhosis to be the cause. Studies which stated a positive weak correlation declared to have research limitations. However, some studies were still in favor of implementing H. pylori eradication treatment, even if proclaiming no direct relation, stating that the infection could be a cause for PUD complications. While further research is needed to elucidate the cause of PUD in cirrhotic patients and how beneficial H. pylori eradication treatment is for those patients, the existing evidence suggest that the therapy might not be that advantageous, with not enough evidence to prescribe nor reject the treatment.

Keywords: Helicobacter pylori, Liver cirrhosis, Peptic Ulcer Disease, treatment, eradication.
Should Helicobacter Pylori Be Eradicated in Cirrhotic Patients with Peptic Ulcer Disease?
Ribeiro Rocha Neves, Ana Carolina
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Abstract: The idea of critical consciousness was majorly explored by Paulo Freire, one of the most important educators of the 20th century. Since then there have been studies showing various pedagogical strategies to use in the classroom that can create critical consciousness. Using literature in the classroom is one of these strategies that can provide critical consciousness and critical literacy because creates meaningful and important connections with the students while showing the social importance of reading and writing. This brief overview about the subject uses qualitative methods to show the current state of the literature about the impact of using literature in the classrooms and brings a two (2) relevant examples. The database used was Google Academics where two (2) master’s theses and one (1) article relevant to this research were selected. This research concludes that literature is an important tool in the classroom to question and reflect the reality lived creating critical consciousness and critical literacy.

Keywords: Critical consciousness; Critical literacy; Paulo Freire; Literature.
Literature in the Classroom: How Literature Can Help to Create Critical Consciousness
Ribeiro Valesan, Fernanda
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Abstract: The focus of the scientific article will be on the area of literature and cinema. The purpose will be to analyze a story told through a book and through a television series in order to understand the differences involved and their reasons. The idea of carrying out the work in this way is due to the fact that it is very common to have comparisons on equal terms of stories told by different means. When people watch a movie adapted from a book they expect it to be exactly like the book, otherwise the movie is bad. However, the objective of this work is to demystify these misconceptions, explore the idea of the movie/series and the book and how the story (the plot) can be told through these different means. To carry out this research, the second book of the Bridgerton series of books will be analyzed as well as the second season of the series adapted from the literary work. With this, it is expected to obtain clarification about the present distinctions. Finally, the gap in the area to be explored in this paper is the compared literary analysis of Bridgerton.

Keywords: Book, Television series, Bridgerton, Adaptation, Difference.
An Analysis of Literature and Cinema in Bridgerton: How the Netflix Series Differs from the Book in the Conduct of Events
Ritter Ferreira, Ana Luisa
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Abstract: In contemporary times, legal education can be considered a strategic axis to mitigate the gap between legal repertoires and local/regional realities or, in other words, bring Law closer to the historical-social scenario in which it is inserted. As debates about legal education acquire centrality and academic-institutional density, there is a new look at legal education and, notably, at its social relevance through curricular and extension activities. In Latin America, legal formalism forges the notions of Law, legal education and professional practice, and overcoming it involves the construction of a new legal thought, guided by reflection on what is officially ordered and consecrated, in terms of knowledge, discourse and behavior. Higher education, and in particular legal education, can be seen as possible instruments of social transformation. In this sense, the values propagated by the Córdoba Reform, which go back to the dialogue between education and society, are revalued through global and regional declarations on higher education, and by the Tuning Latin America Project, which, together, converge towards the construction of socially relevant education.

Keywords: Legal training, social transformation, socially relevant education.
Legal Education in the Latin American Context: The Dialogue between Education and Society
Rodrigues da Silva Dantas, Gárdia
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Abstract: This paper explores the concept and practice of sustainable entrepreneurship, which is a form of innovation that aims to create positive environmental and social impacts through innovative and responsible business solutions. The paper reviews the literature on the benefits, challenges, and strategies of sustainable entrepreneurship, focusing on how small businesses can use sustainability as a competitive advantage in the market. The paper also discusses the role of public engagement, resource demand reduction, product value, and organic growth in enhancing the performance and legitimacy of sustainable enterprises. The paper concludes by indicating some of the advantages a small business might have, and also highlighting the gaps and opportunities for future research on sustainable entrepreneurship.

Keywords: Sustainable development, sustainable entrepreneurship, environment, green economy, business.
How Sustainable Entrepreneurship Can Give Small Businesses an Edge
Rodrigues dos Reis, Erick
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Abstract: The genus Vanilla Mill, which belongs to the Orchidaceae family, is known for having species that are sources of aromatic compounds with high commercial value, used mainly in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The importance of discovering the pollinating agents and how vanilla is pollinated is of major commercial interest, given that vanillin is extracted from the dried vanilla pods. Due to the extreme extraction of native plant species and the destruction of natural habitats, there is an urgent need to apply methods that favor the sustainable use of biodiversity. In addition to extractivism, vanilla is susceptible to fungal and viral diseases, which result in severe damage to its cultivation. Orchids have a difficult time germinating seeds, which are considered slow, in addition to the low survival rate of seedlings of most species in the wild. The growing demand for cultivation and the complex activity of producing vanilla for oil extraction exposes the need to establish technologies for propagation, conservation and improvement of species of the genus. Considering these problems, biotechnological techniques, such as tissue culture, allow for the rapid and massive propagation of stable and disease-free genotypes of the most diverse plant species for various purposes, and these plants can be used commercially and in germplasm conservation and/or seedling propagation.

Keywords: In vitro cultivation, organogenesis, embryogenesis, in vitro germination.
Economic Importance, Conservation and in Vitro Propagation of Vanilla Spp. Mill.: A Literature Review
Rosa de Souza, Marina
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Abstract: Preconception nutrition of both parents plays a pivotal role in maternal and fetal health, impacting nutrient availability for fetal development, pre-pregnancy weight, genetic material quality, and the prevention of undesirable complications. The primary objective of this paper is to emphasize the importance of adopting a healthy preconception diet, thereby ensuring an adequate nutritional state at the time of conception. Scientific databases were used for searching keywords related to preconceptional nutrition and its influence on maternal-child health, as well as reproductive health. Planning for pregnancy involves initiating appropriate healthcare consultations with medical professionals, where maternal and child nutritionists play an essential role in promoting nutritional adequacy and guidance. This is especially significant, as changing dietary habits that are low in nutrients and high in sugar and fat, and eliminating harmful substances like alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs before conception, are more appropriate, allowing for a gradual and higher-quality transformation. Implementing adequate nutrition before pregnancy helps prevent complications during gestation and childbirth, for example excessive weight gain, gestational diabetes, low birth weight, macrosomia, preterm birth, anemia, hypoglycemia, developmental issues, and even maternal mortality. Preparing for a healthy pregnancy by taking care of one's health before conception ensures a healthy body and environment for optimal fetal development.

Keywords: Pre-Pregnancy nutrition, reproductive health, maternal and child nutrition, dietary rehabilitation, pregnancy planning, semen quality.
The Importance of Preconception Nutrition: Nourishing the Path to a Healthy Pregnancy
Rosa Ferreira Pinto, Ursula
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Abstract: Over half of the dementia cases are from Alzheimer’s disease, which represents about 55 million patients diagnosed with the condition and the number is rapidly increasing. Several hypotheses as to what the disease’s mechanism is, how it develops, and how it could be prevented and treated have been by scientists around the world. As a result of the above-mentioned, epigenetic mechanisms have been widely mentioned as influential to the development of the disease. Epigenetic mechanisms are techniques that are able to modify the chromatin and gene expression without making any alterations to the DNA itself, as a consequence the gene expressions are altered. The main ones are DNA methylation, histone modifications, and microRNAs. Furthermore, genes are also associated with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as, more lifestyle factors, such as diet, stress levels, and physical activity. In this brief literature review, all the points already stated will be explained, overviewing their significance. Finally, it will allow readers to have a succinct knowledge of how epigenetics is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, along with a better understanding of what the disease is and the mechanisms and pathways researchers believe lead to the condition.

Keywords: Epigenetics, Alzheimer’s disease, epigenetics mechanisms, genes , lifestyle.
Epigenetics and Alzheimer's Disease: A Literature Review
Ruppenthal da Silva, Bibiana
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Abstract: This article aims to investigate the causes of the hearing difference between different interconnection cables between an analogue digital converter and a power amplifier. An audio system was set up to reproduce 41 sinusoidal signals with varying frequencies from 20 to 20 kHz, to investigate possible discrepancies between the cables. These signals were recorded on an audio interface with RCA input, with a sampling frequency of 192 kHz and 24 bits. Using the audio signals that were recorded, MATLAB was employed to determine the average of the peak values of each cable for each frequency. Subsequently, the values were compared with each other with the aim of determining which frequencies each cable exhibits greater intensity. As per our findings, the average discrepancy between frequencies ranging from 20 to 14100 Hz is 0.0238%, whereas the discrepancy between frequencies ranging from 16 to 20 kHz is significantly greater, ranging from 8.366% to -21.44%. Moreover, by analysing a 0.681 second piece of music, the RMS value of the signal was calculated, resulting in 0.04967 for the Lumix cable and 0.04961 for the Audio cable, with a percentage difference of 0.12% between the cables. Furthermore, a Fourier Transform was conducted to identify the frequencies possessing the highest energy. The analysis consisted of determining the cable with the highest energy for each frequency. For this, a weighted average was made between energy and frequency. For the Lumix cable, the weighted frequency of the signal was 510.86 Hz, and that of the Ataudio cable was 1097.34 Hz. In this manner, Lumix reproduces medium-frequency sounds with greater intensity, whereas Ataudio reproduces high frequencies with greater intensity. Moreover, it is noteworthy that a more accurate reproduction of high frequencies facilitates a better visualization of musical instruments in stereo listening, a feature coveted by high-end audio (HEA) systems.

Keywords: Cables, acoustic perception, measurements, high-fidelity, high-end.
A Comparative Analysis Between Different Audio Cables
Sanchez Sáez, Daniel
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Abstract: This article focuses on the study of immigration and the political phenomenon behind it from the perspective of Brazil and the Czech Republic, briefly explaining the history of each country and its relationship with immigration and related politics; it explores when these rights were born, as well as what these rights ensure. The article also highlights the social and economic conditions of immigrants in both Brazil and the Czech Republic. The study then addresses the vulnerability of immigrants, as well as the principle of equality, highlighting the impact of human rights acting in approval of this group and the responsibility of guaranteeing a respectful and accessible jurisdiction about immigration, protection and asylum. Finally, the study highlights institutions and figures that act nationally and internationally in the fight in support of this population.

Keywords: Brazil, Czech Republic, perspectives, history, law, immigration, vulnerability.
Introduction to Immigration and Refugee: A Comparison Between the Perspectives of Brazil and the Czech Republic
Sant'Ana Andrade dos Santos, Beatriz
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Abstract: Also known as the keys to ageing, Telomeres are repetitive DNA sequences that exist at the end of  all human chromosomes. Objective of this paper is to explain the importance of Epigenetics in everyday practices, using direct language, showing and simplifying scientific access and popularising ways to being more healthy, including how that acts directly on lengthening or shortening Telomeres. Method; an integrative compilation of selectives reviews was carried out on varied articles, chosen and used according to proven academic validation. Results showed that humans can extend or shorten life expectancy without interfering with genetic material represented by DNA. Vitamins produced outside the body absorbed in a controlled manner, can act directly on the regeneration of telomerase. Named by Aristotle: Epigenesis, Epigenetics is beyond genetics.  Conclusion is that Telomeres cells shortening is related to the passage of time, they can shorten to such an extent that they become unable to protect the genetic material, losing part of the essential information when replicating.

Keywords: Chromosomes; chromosome end-protection; telomeres; telomerase; epigenetics; literature review.
Analysing Natural Possibilities Extending Human Life Beyond Genetics: An Integrative Review
Santos, Marcos Henrique
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Abstract: This paper aims to develop a framework based on nine literature studies that incorporated digital innovations into BPM in the form of structural models. The proposed framework aims to assist in enhancing organizational processes through business strategies. To achieve this, we used two reputable literature databases, SCOPUS and Web of Science (WOS), for data collection. We employed VOSviewer software for a bibliometric analysis of BPM literature encompassing 570 papers, identifying the following trending terms for our study: digital innovation, digital transformation, digitalization, BPMN, and Blockchain. The prominence of this topic in BPM literature was observed, as more than 70% of the selected papers from the Business and Management field were published in the last four years. For a systematic literature analysis, we selected nine papers that highlight the significance of digital innovations within the BPM framework. These papers formed the basis for creating a framework with nine categories that revolve around digital innovation in Business Process Management (BPM). This paper contributes to enhancing organizational management practices by illustrating how organizational strategies can be designed with a focus on digital innovations to improve processes. In terms of social implications, the study proposes an organizational model that can aid business process management in an increasingly competitive digital era market.

Keywords: Business Process Management, Digital Innovation, Strategies, Framework.
Digital Innovations Framework for Enhancing Business Process Management Strategies
Santos Moreira, Sérgio Adriany
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Abstract: The growing demand for sustainable resources requires  engineering disciplines like principles of mathematics, chemistry and introductory engineering to confront material and energy constraints, along with the importance of reducing waste production. This urgency is particularly pronounced for materials engineers, as their efforts have a profound influence on our future sustainability. Recent advances and discoveries in materials science have the potential to serve as invaluable tools for achieving sustainable progress, provided that materials engineers are aware of these imperatives. They must possess a heightened awareness of the global challenges to sustainability and the insight to discern their role in improving these dilemmas.

Keywords: Disciplines, global-challenges,  materials-engineering, sustainability.
Sustainability of Materials: Integrating Principles of Chemistry, Engineering and Mathematics
Saravia Castro, Samir
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Abstract: Background: Biliary pathologies are major disorders of the digestive tract. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) is the “gold standard” for the treatment of symptomatic gallstones and is associated with lower morbidity compared to open surgery. In some cases, conversion of LC to open cholecystectomy is unavoidable to prevent injury. However, can result in increased morbidity. Conversion rates depend on several risk factors. The purpose of this work is the knowledge of the features of the conversion and, especially, of the preoperative factors due to the importance of performing better surgical planning. Methods: Literature review conducted on Google Scholar, PubMed and Science Direct searching for free full articles using the terms “cholecystectomy”, “laparoscopic cholecystectomy”, “open cholecystectomy”, “conversion to open cholecystectomy” prioritizing the most recent literature and studies with a higher level of evidence. Results: Twenty articles, including a meta-analysis about preoperative risk factors for LC conversion (such as male gender, old age, obesity, previous abdominal surgery, diabetes and acute cholecystitis) were selected, after screenings were considered relevant for the purpose of this study and were integrated into this paper. Conclusions: The conversion to open cholecystectomy is inevitable in some cases. Knowledge of the risk factors for the conversion of LC helps surgeons to carry out better surgical planning with good judgment to perform better decisions in the face of laparoscopic surgery conditions, avoiding further complications and valuing the patient's life, which is why more studies on the subject should be encouraged.

Keywords: Cholecystectomy, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, open cholecystectomy, conversion to open cholecystectomy.
Conversion of Laparoscopic to Open Cholecystectomy: A Literature Review
Serafini, Vitor Luiz
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Abstract: Soil and groundwater contamination is a critical environmental issue, posing risks to human health and ecosystems. Accurate delineation of contamination plumes is vital for effective environmental management and remediation. Traditionally, this involved costly and invasive drilling methods, but geophysical techniques have revolutionized the approach. In this context, this study presents a case study of contamination on a Brazilian farm where a biodigester system collapsed due to geotechnical issues, leading to material infiltration and environmental contamination. The study showcases the effectiveness of geophysical investigations combined with geostatistical interpolation techniques in identifying and characterizing contamination plumes. The methodology involved in this project involved geophysical investigations using the electrical resistivity method. 2D resistivity profiling surveys were conducted around the affected area, utilizing non-polarized electrodes and a Dipole-Dipole array. Self-Potential (SP) data were collected to determine the contamination plume’s flow direction, and geostatistical interpolations were performed to map the plume. Results revealed conductive anomalies in the subsurface, indicative of a highly saturated zone with characteristics resembling aqueous materials. These anomalies consistently occurred at an approximate depth of 7 meters. Data were processed and visualized, with geostatistical interpolation highlighting the lateral distribution of anomalies. The study confirmed that material from the biodigester pound infiltrated the soil to an apparent depth of 7 meters, as indicated by conductive anomalies.

Keywords: Subsurface Investigation, Soil and Groundwater Contamination, Environmental Management, Geophysical Investigation, IDW Interpolation.
Delineation of Soil Contamination Plume in Biodigesters through Geophysical and Geostatistical Methods
Silva Amorim, Wellerson
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Abstract: Aquatic biogeography is formed by a panorama of biodiversity that adds a pattern subordinate to the tree of life. Considering this concept, dietary plasticity in freshwater fish is a factor of extreme scientific relevance, mainly for analyzing the ecosystem changes that occur in the aquatic environment. Given the concerns resulting from climate change, which range from ecological phenomena, biological behaviors, to impacts caused on the biodiversity of rivers and marine surfaces, it is necessary to investigate trophic chains from a phylogenetic perspective through analyzes of fish stomach contents, on a panorama of studies that make it possible to understand the autoecology of species and their role in the ecosystem. The qualitative nature used in the database follows the standards of the volumetric and gravimetric method, both with a directional plane of volume and mass, which proposes observing the diet of 298 fish from 17 species, captured at the peak of 24 hours, but precisely night, through the use of nets with 12mm mesh between us, within a radius of 15m. It is concluded from the above, an abundance in the biodiversity of macroinvertebrates of the orders Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera, overlapping them with analyzes of alternative molecular-based hypotheses; When examining the stomach contents of fish, under the observation of an optical microscope, spores of the Endomelanconiopsis fungus were found in macroinvertebrates from the Caenidae family,hydropsychidae, Leptohyphidae e Perlidae , showing a strong concern in the behavioral change of aquatic microorganisms in parasitic symbiotic actions; the analyzes also elucidated the observational bias of changes in aquatic biogeography, indicating preliminary effects of climate change.

Keywords: Ichthyofauna, Food chain, Comparative biogeography, Phylogeny, macroinvertebrates.
Changes in Macroinvertebrate Biogeography: Symbiotic Analysis in Ichthyofauna Trophic Chains
Silva Carvalho, Geovan Rodrigues
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Abstract: The presence of microplastics in ecosystems is a recognized threat to wildlife and plants due to industrial plastic products and their degradation. These particles contaminate soil, water, and air, posing a threat to humans, particularly through contaminated food and water sources. Recent research has shown the presence of microplastics in human tissue, including blood, placenta, and various organs. Studies in humans have found microplastics in feces and liver tissue samples, with polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate being the most common. Individuals with cirrhosis have had microplastics detected in their liver tissue. Studies in animals show links between microplastics and energy disruption, lipid metabolism, oxidative stress, and inflammation. Research on the accumulation of microplastics in human livers is still limited. Existing studies mostly focus on animal models, indicating potential hepatotoxic effects. These effects include alterations in hepatocyte architecture, disturbances in energy and lipid metabolism, and increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Additionally, prolonged exposure to microplastics in animals has been associated with changes in enzyme function parameters. In vitro studies further demonstrated that microplastics smaller than 1μm can enter hepatocytes, leading to liver damage, dysfunction, and fibrosis. While the evidence supports the potential hepatotoxicity of microplastics, direct correlations in healthy humans are still emerging. It is crucial to continue researching this area to better understand the implications of microplastic accumulation in human tissues, particularly the liver. This knowledge will be essential for formulating strategies to mitigate potential impacts on human health and the environment.

Keywords: Microplastics, Human Tissue, Nanoplastics, Polymers, Liver.
Will Microplastics Be a New Cause of Hepatotoxicity in the Future?
Silva de Ávila Nizarala, Leila
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Abstract: Syncope is a condition in which an individual loses its conscience for a short period of time due to a transitional brain hypoperfusion. Although pretty common over the population, its occurrence should be a concern for health professionals and for the population in general alike. Usually related with good outcomes, episodes of syncope may have a turnaround according to its cause and frequency of occurrence and, as such, in some instances, syncope events are quite serious due to the nature of their origin. Syncopes that relate to Neurological dysfunction or arterial hypotension are common, but the most dangerous cause of syncope events still are the ones caused by heart problems and failures, that occasionally end up in death. Those events must be accompanied by the professional health team to secure the best possible resolution to avoid tragic results, but there is not a worldwide standardised approach to guide professionals through syncope cases, and for this reason different countries adopt a different methodology to convoy professionals, not always having the same result. In this perspective, this paper proposes a mini-review of the indicators and methods that are used to relate the syncope episodes with its gravity, following different guidelines and approaches used by medical teams in Brazil and also in other countries.

Keywords: Syncope, Cardiac Failure, Medicine.
Accompanying the Syncope: The Use of Indicators To Reduce the Risk Involving Cardiogenic Syncope
Silva Lovera, Henrique
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Abstract: Alcohol abuse has become more prevalent in recent years and it’s a causal factor for numerous diseases. Among the consequences of alcohol, thiamine deficiency, also known as vitamin B1, can be highlighted. Amid the diseases caused by thiamine deficiency, we can draw attention to Wernicke's encephalopathy and Korsakoff's psychosis, which are generally referred together as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome is a neurological syndrome that can have irreversible consequences for the patient's life, including amnesia. In this context, it is important for clinicians to know about the syndrome and how to prevent possible complications. The goal of the present study is to analyse the articles published in the last 10 years in PUBMED, covering the themes: clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome.

Keywords: Alcoholism; Wernicke Encephalopathy; Korsakoff Syndrome; Thiamine Deficiency; Clinical significance;
Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome Related to Alcohol Abuse: A Literature Review
Silva Machado, Tiago de Jesus
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Abstract: Diagnosing pneumonia still presents obstacles since around 30% of patients have little or no symptoms. Furthermore, this specific type, lingula pneumonia, is barely evident or not visible on posteroanterior radiography because the lingula is located behind the heart. Lingula pneumonia may be visible on lateral radiography. However, computed tomography is the best imaging exam to diagnose this type of pneumonia. From the analysis of radiographs and tomography extracted from the Portal Pneumoimagem website, it was possible to conclude that tomography prevents the heart from compromising the visualization of consolidation in the lingula, which happens in radiography. This happens because the tomography image is made as if it were sections seen from above. This circumstance qualifies the diagnosis of pneumonia in the lingular region, allowing the correct treatment to be fulfilled.

Keywords: Pneumonia, Radiography, Lingula, Tomography.
Lingula Pneumonia: The Importance of Computerized Tomography to Diagnose
Silva Sant'Anna, Luísa
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Abstract: The present study had the objective of introducing the main concepts inherent to the physics’ field of cosmology, wherein its beginning with humankind’s first civilizations, passing through the cosmic microwave background’s discovery and how it evidences the cosmological principle, also defining the concept of redshift and its relation to the Universe’s expansion, and finally coming to the topic of how large-scale structures are formed.

Keywords: Cosmic microwave background, cosmological principle, redshift, Universe’s expansion, large-scale structures formation.
A Conceptual Introduction to Cosmology
Silva Vieira de Souza, Gabriel Vinicius
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Abstract: In today’s world, remote work is increasingly prevalent. After the pandemic of COVID-19, a lot of companies adopted a virtual environment, causing a change in workspaces and team management approaches. This immense impact obligated some employees around the world to embrace a remote environment and set up new workspaces in their homes. Consequently, the level model of communication in this new workplace changed as well. These rapid changes were unprecedented, although this model is not new. Within this context, it is common that jobs often require teams and their leaders to work from different locations, having virtual interactions. Without physical interactions, this virtual workspace has ushered in a revolution in leaders' communication. Based on a literature review, this research evidences the main challenges that leaders face to keep their communication to a high standard and how to mitigate their impact. It has discussed how to reduce the feeling of isolation in the company, the quality of mental health, and the shift of culture The results reveal that, for communication to be improved in the future, leaders must enhance informal communication and promote a balanced workplace.

Keywords: Remote work. Virtual teams. Communication. Leaders.
Communication at the Remote Work: A Huge Challenge for Leaders
Simões Bezerra, Susana
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Abstract: The control of Conyza spp., can happen in function of its phenological stage. For that reason, in infested areas with Conyza’s height less than 10 cm, one single application of herbicides can be enough for its control. Therefore, the purpose of this work was to evaluate the efficacy of alternatives herbicides from 2,4-D on the control of Conyza spp., lower than 10 cm. For such, it was done a field experiment with experimental delineation of casualization blocks. It was applied the followed herbicides treatments in one single application: fluroxypy + clethodim + saflufenacil; dicamba + glyphosate + saflufenacil; triclopyr + glyphosate + saflufenacil; chlorimurom-ethyl + glyphosate + saflufenacil; mesotrione + atrazine + glyphosate; fluroxypyr + clethodim + glyphosate; dicamba + glyphosate; triclopyr + glyphosate; chlorimurom-etílico + glyphosate; mesotrione + atrazine + glyphosate + 2,4-D; halaxifen + diclosulam + glyphosate; tembotrione + atrazine + glyphosate; tembotrione + atrazine + glyphosate + 2,4-D e witness with no herbicides application. The Conyza’s control was evaluated at 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 and 42 days after the application and the statistics analysis was done by F test and Tukey test. The herbicides dicamba + glyphosate + saflufenacil; triclopyr + glyphosate + saflufenacil; e mesotrione + atrazine + glyphosate + 2.4 -D reported results above 80% in the control of Conyza’spp. Therefore, alternatives herbicides to 2,4-D can be effective on the control of Conyza spp., lower than 10 cm with one single application.

Keywords: Horseweed, synergism, association.
Desiccation Pre-sowing of Conyza Spp., by Alternative Herbicides to 2,4-D
Soares França, Nayane
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Abstract: This article will discuss the context of rapid global population growth and urbanization, highlighting the increasing urgency for innovative architectural solutions. In response to this challenge, sustainable architecture and verticalization have emerged as transformative paradigms, addressing the dual imperative of accommodating expanding populations while minimizing environmental impacts. Sustainable architecture strongly emphasizes resource efficiency, eco-conscious material selection, and seamless integration with the surrounding ecosystem, echoing the visionary perspective of architect Richard Rogers. One Angel Square in Manchester is a prime example of sustainable construction, featuring a solar-powered façade and innovative natural ventilation systems. As cities expand, verticalization provides a pragmatic solution to the constraints of limited land availability, leading to a reimagining of urban landscapes. However, this convergence of sustainability and verticalization also poses socioeconomic challenges, including real estate speculation and housing affordability issues. This article delves into the dynamic interplay between sustainable architecture and verticalization, underscoring the importance of eco-conscious design, resource efficiency, and societal equity. These concepts pave the way for more inclusive and resilient cities that align with environmental imperatives and the evolving needs of future generations.

Keywords: Sustainable Architecture, Urbanization, Resource Efficiency, Verticalization, Socioenvironmental Challenges.
Architecture of the Future: Sustainability, Verticalization, and Socioeconomic Challenges.
Sousa Alves, Alicia
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Abstract: Research indicates that spirituality can have a significant impact on an individual's health and well-being. However, there is limited discussion about how to effectively address spirituality in medical history, considering its potential benefits and drawbacks for patients. Recognizing this gap, we conducted a study to analyze the effectiveness of various models used worldwide to approach spirituality in medical anamnesis. One model we explored is the FICA questionnaire, which involves asking about the presence of faith, its importance/influence in the person's life, participation in a spiritual community, and the patient's preferred approach to addressing spirituality in their healthcare. While the FICA questionnaire is practical, we found that it did not address potential issues related to negative religious coping or religious/spiritual struggles. Additionally, we examined the Brief RCOPE, considered more advanced in this area. However, we observed that it was limited in terms of religious diversity, making it challenging for healthcare professionals to address a broader range of religious beliefs in their assessments. Consequently, we conclude that further research is necessary to reevaluate and enhance the medical anamnesis by incorporating and addressing more extensive and diverse aspects of patients' spirituality. This approach should also explore both the potential benefits and harms of spirituality to the patient's health. By doing so, healthcare professionals can ensure a more comprehensive and patient-centered approach to addressing spirituality in medical consultations.

Keywords: Systematic review, Struggle, Mental health, Questionnaire, Faith.
Risks and Benefits of Spirituality and Religion: An Analysis of Medical Anamnesis
Sousa Américo, Brenda
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Abstract: Hericium erinaceus is traditionally consumed for its health-promoting properties and has become a well-known candidate for promoting beneficial activities related to brain and nerve health by inducing nerve growth factor from its bioactive components; this literature review will focus on the compounds erinacins and hericenones and their influence on neurodegenerative diseases. Objective This study aims to discuss the health-promoting properties of Hericium erinaceus and to understand how its components—erinacin A and hericinones C and D—work to help prevent or treat humans with neurological diseases. Method An integrative review was conduced in two academic databases (PubMed and Google Scholar). Results Two literature review studies and eight experimental research studies were selected and presented. Conclusion The compounds erinacin A and hericinones C and D from Hericium erinaceus have demonstrated significant potential in mitigating the impacts of neurodegenerative diseases, underscoring the imperative for more extensive and in-depth research to validate these findings and explore their therapeutic applications in clinical settings.

Keywords: Hericium erinaceus, neurodegenerative diseases, neurite outgrowth activity, hericenone, erinacine A.
Erinacine and Hericinones from Hericium Erinaceus: Health-Promoting Properties - A Review
Souza Costa, Beatriz
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Abstract: The choice of materials for constructing motorsport racetracks is crucial in optimizing vehicle performance. This paper explores the properties and characteristics of racetrack surfaces, with a primary focus on NASCAR racetracks. It delves into the differences between flexible and rigid pavements, comparing aspects such as skid resistance, temperature and heat effects, pavement texture, rubber friction theory, and surface degradation of asphalt and Portland cement concrete pavements. The study also reveals how factors like surface texture, composition, and temperature affect grip and racing dynamics. Understanding these nuances is essential for enhancing safety and performance in high-speed precision.

Keywords: Motorsport racetracks, skid resistance, asphalt pavement, concrete pavement.
Why Concrete Racetracks Race Differently Than Asphalt: A Literature Review
Souza Marques, Giovana Sofia
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Abstract: The possibility of expanding distance classes to up to 40% of undergraduate law courses in Brazil motivated the present study, which sought to identify the social representations of law professionals and students regarding distance education. The coronavirus pandemic has made the topic more prominent, given the need to think about more sophisticated methodologies for the new social context. The Theory of Social Representations was used as a theoretical-methodological foundation based on studies by Moscovici (2012), Marková (2017), and Novaes (2010, 2015). To this end, an electronic questionnaire was created consisting of a free word association test and objective and discursive questions. In total, 51 participants responded to the questionnaire, of which 41 had already taken at least one distance learning subject. The results demonstrated highlights in the social representations of professionals and law students, whose understanding of distance education was based on two main axes: discipline and practicality, whose elements sought to balance like a scale, a symbol of the law course. The understanding prevailed that distance classes are not suitable for law degrees, given that the teacher is seen as the protagonist, while in distance learning the student must be the protagonist. Less contemporary elements of the imaginary of legal education were preserved, such as formal rigor and elitist character, since they understood distance education as a modality in which the quality is worse, demonstrating that they intend to become legal professionals not only in view of his social motivation, as well as in view of the power and intellectual status conferred on him, guaranteed by the traditional doctor’s title and pronoun of treatment.

Keywords: Legal education, Law graduation, Distance education.
“Doctor’s Title”: Social Representations about Distance Learning
Steffen Ramos, Érica
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Abstract: The text addresses the relationship between information technology and bureaucracy, aiming to understand the relationship between implementing information systems (IS) and bureaucratic thinking in times of flexibility. It reviews the literature by analyzing two aspects: the one that argues that, in times of flexibility, the use of information technology promotes the “death” of bureaucracy and the one that claims that technology updates the bureaucratic way of administering. The text presents the methodology used: qualitative, with collection through in-depth interviews, carried out in four companies with ten subjects, and use of thematic analysis to categorize the results. Four themes express the cycle of changes promoted by ISs: i) drivers of IS implementation, ii) IS implementation process, iii) results and consequences of using ISs, and iv) continuous improvement needs. The results allowed the identification of a cyclical process of technological bureaucratization.

Keywords: Bureaucracy, information technologies, information systems, ERPs, and technological bureaucratization.
Technological Bureaucratization of the Organization through the Use of Information Systems
Stephany Filho, Luiz
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Abstract: Mental factors such as pressure, emotional states, health response, or personal traits are acknowledged to have a major influence the intensity of manifestations in gastric-esophageal reflux condition.  The aim of the present study was to highlight the relationship among stress, psychological traits associated with acid reflux and perceptions of reflux symptoms. Two studies were used to analyze the relationship between reflux and anxiety. A retrospective transversal, made by Ji Min Choi, and another prospective, made by Xiao-Jun Yang. Both provided details about this association, in addition to highlighting the importance of endoscopic examination to identify reflux disease. Finally, this close conection between esophageal reflux disease and anxiety needs to be further explored, so that the guidelines may include a holistic treatment for GERD, improving the quality of life in patients affected by it.

Keywords: Reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease, proton pump inhibitors super endoscopy, mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, GERD.
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in Adults and Its Relation with Stress/Anxiety
Teixeira Andrade, Pedro Henrique
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Teixeira Andrade, Pedro Henrique
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From a Student’s View, Emotional and Physical Distress Induced by the COVID-19 Pandemic
Abstract: Social structures were challenged and reshaped with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The educational institutions to be assessed in this article, high school, and college, as structures for primary and higher education, respectively, were also affected. However, Brazil's longstanding social inequalities did not impact any other area as directly as education. Distance Learning, in Portuguese “Ensino à Distância” (EAD), the principal teaching tool used at the time, confronts socioeconomic barriers. Thus, the mental and physical complications that arose in students, as a direct byproduct of forced isolation, span various areas, including the inability to cope with the expectations created by themselves and their families during the tumultuous period of completing high school and taking entrance exams. Therefore, students need to be listened to, as a matter of utmost importance, so we, as a society, can understand the origins of their stress, considering that during the pandemic period, over 48 million students ceased attending the regular face-to-face activities of the pre-pandemic period (GRANDSIOLI et al, 2020) [1].

Keywords: COVID-19 education, distance learning, emotional distress, physical distress.
Abstract: This study delves into the phenomenon of insider trading within the contemporary financial market, with a particular focus on the contrasting viewpoints of Henry G. Manne and the prevailing regulatory framework. Employing a deductive-analytical approach, the research is underpinned by an extensive examination of various bibliographic resources encompassing dissertations, theses, articles, books, legislation, and jurisprudence. The methodology employed is qualitative in nature, emphasizing empirical analysis and the contextualization of theories considering the present circumstances.

Keywords: Insider Trading, Financial Market, Regulation, Henry G. Manne, Information Control, Market Fairness, Information Inequality, Regulatory Agencies, Global Jurisdictions, Securities Exchange Act, Market Abuse Directive, Misappropriation Theory, Information Technology, Information Exchange, Internet Era, Market Efficiency, Compensation Strategies.
Manne's Approach to Insider Trading in the Information Technology Age
Teixeira Gonçalves, Stephanie Gabrielle
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Abstract: The Airbnb was created with the intention of intermediating short-term rentals over the internet quickly, easily and without major bureaucracy. Airbnb has become a popular platform for short-term rentals, once it has been credited with disrupting the traditional hospitality industry and making travel more affordable and accessible for people around the world. The hosting platform allows individuals to rent their homes to tourists. However, with its rise, becoming the largest accommodation network in the world, many legal problems arose, as there was no law regulating this type of rental. The question arises about the limits that the government can impose on private property, given that Airbnb is a way of using property not foreseen in traditional legislation. This text discusses the effects of Airbnb regulation in different countries. In Europe, some cities, such as Amsterdam and Barcelona, have strict regulations that limit seasonal rentals. These regulations are justified by the government with the aim of protecting local residents. In Brazil, Airbnb regulation is still in its infancy. The lack of regulation has generated conflicts between property owners and residential condominiums, which often prohibit the practice. The issue in question seeks to highlight the need to strike a balance in Airbnb regulation in order to protect the interests of local residents, property owners and tourists.

Keywords: Airbnb, Property, Regulation.
Airbnb Regulation and Property Law
Tolomelli Costa, Kendrio
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Abstract: Brazil has a predominantly tropical climate, with temperatures typically ranging between 24 and 25°C. However, the thermal performance standards for buildings in the country establish an ideal comfort temperature range of approximately 22°C to 24°C. To meet this standard, the use of air conditioning systems in Brazilian residences is common. There are various construction techniques that can be applied to improve the thermal performance of buildings, aiming to enhance energy efficiency. These techniques include modifications to building facades to promote better natural ventilation. Additionally, these strategies can be optimized with the use of high thermal efficiency materials, such as Phase Change Materials (PCM), which have the ability to absorb and release heat, maintaining stable temperatures. This study aims, first and foremost, to explain the importance of architectural modifications to building facades in Brazilian constructions. Subsequently, the article proposes an evaluation of the thermal performance of a five-story residential model with the incorporation of PCM. The main objective is to identify construction strategies that provide greater thermal comfort without the need for artificial cooling systems. This is of utmost importance in creating more comfortable and sustainable indoor environments in regions with hot climates, significantly contributing to energy efficiency and the well-being of people.

Keywords: Phase Change Materials, Residential Buildings, Thermal Performance, Subtropical Climate.
Improving Thermal Comfort in Brazilian Residences
Valadares de Sá, Vanessa Aparecida
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Abstract: This paper provides a critical review of velocity distribution in fluid flows within pipes. Models developed from the classical deterministic approach and Principle of Maximum Entropy (PME) are presented and discussed. According to the deterministic approach, the velocity distribution in laminar flow depends on the rheological model of the fluid. For turbulent flows, the well be known velocity profiles proposed by Prandtl-von Kárman lack physical consistency across the entire pipe region. The power-law model depends on the Reynolds number and fluid viscosity, while also exhibiting physical inconsistencies. On the other hand, entropic velocity distribution (EVD) was obtained from the PME, which in turn is based on the information theory, Shannon entropy (SE), random variable and constraints related to total probability and the conservation laws of mass, momentum, and energy. Thus, EVD represents a conceptual and generalized model that is physically consistent and satisfies all the assumptions required for flow within pipes. Additionally, it does not necessitate prior knowledge of the fluid rheological model and can be applied to both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids regardless of the rheological model, flow regime and roughness of the pipe.

Keywords: Velocity distribution, information theory, maximum entropy.
Velocity Distribution for Flow in Pressurized Pipes: A Critical Review
Vale Freire, Daniel Felipe
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Abstract: This study focuses on modeling open data from the National Examination for the Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults (Encceja), an exam that allows individuals who haven't completed elementary or secondary education at the appropriate age to obtain a certificate equivalent to a regular school diploma. Encceja plays a vital role in Brazilian education, providing valuable insights into student performance across diverse knowledge domains. Using dimensional modeling techniques by Ralph Kimball and Margy Ross, the study organized a fact table and dimensions within a cloud computing environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) involved the use of Python in a Sagemaker notebook instance and queries on Athena. The objective was to pave the way for developing a Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard that stimulates discussions for enhancing the Brazilian educational system. It is expected to develop graphical visualizations as a follow-up to this study.

Keywords: Encceja, Dimensional data modeling, Data Warehouse, Brazilian educational system.
Unlocking Educational Vulnerabilities Insights: Modeling Encceja Data for Student Performance Analysis
Vaz de Melo Oliveira, Diógenes
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Abstract: This research paper explores the enduring issue of sexism in rock and heavy metal music, revealing the layers of misogyny and gender bias despite these genres' rebellion against social norms. It discusses the historical context, cultural influences, and social expectations that have perpetuated women's struggle for recognition and respect in male-dominated spaces. The paper highlights how women often had to downplay their gender to gain recognition for their musical talents and addresses gender cancellation, where women had to become 'one of the guys' to be taken seriously. It also exposes the objectification of women in lyrics, album covers, and media representation, emphasising the commodification of the female body. Additionally, it discusses the challenges of promoting female artists without unintentionally excluding them. Overall, the paper underscores the urgent need to challenge deep-rooted gender biases and redefine the narrative surrounding women in these music genres.

Keywords: Sexism in Music, Gender Stereotypes in Rock and Metal, Female Musicians, Feminism in Rock and Metal Music, Music Industry Objectification.
Breaking Barriers and Facing Stereotypes: A Comprehensive Study in Rock & Metal
Verardo de Moraes, Ingridi
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Abstract: Considered a key element in addressing the current challenges facing the agricultural sector related to food production and climate change, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is successfully helping to optimize human processes or tasks in several sectors. In this study, we present a scientometric analysis to answer the question, what are the technological trends of the application of artificial intelligence in agriculture? We use references indexed in the Scopus, a scientometric methodology, and software tools to perform the research. We identify that the countries with the highest number of publications are India, China, and the United States through document analysis. China is a country with more authors and institutions collaboration. The institution with the highest published number of papers was China Agricultural University. Finally, we identified that Ontology and Sentinel-2 refer to technologies to apply artificial intelligence and information technologies in agriculture. Also, we identify that the Internet of Things (IoT), decision support systems and machine learning is still a mandatory topic in these applications.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Agriculture, Scientometry, Technological Trends.
AI-Powered Agriculture: A Scientometric Review of Technological Trends
Vicentin Leite, Kawan
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Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic represented a period of intense difficulties in controlling tuberculosis cases in the country due to various causes. Research method: For this analysis, the number of confirmed cases made available on the TABNET website during the years 2018 to 2022 were analyzed according to the regions of Brazil.  Results: As a result, all regions show a decrease followed by an increase in the number of tuberculosis cases during and after the pandemic. Discussion: This scenario can be related both to factors related to the patient and the presence of patient comorbidities, highlighting HIV, the fear of contracting SARS-CoV-2 and the worsening of social conditions with the increase in unemployment, both government-related factors such as reduced government investment in strategies to control the incidence of tuberculosis, reduced access to health facilities. The presence of increased bacterial resistance to available treatments is also important when observing the possibility of treatment failure. Conclusion: Therefore, the fluctuation in case results must be analyzed carefully, with a slight reduction in notifications being expected during the pandemic, followed by an increase in cases post-pandemic. To try to alleviate this scenario, there is a need to reinforce investment in control strategies against tuberculosis and facilitate access to treatment.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, Pandemic, Difficulties.
Tuberculosis in Brazil: Difficulties in Case Control During the Pandemic Period
Vieira do Nascimento, Laryssa
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Abstract: The paper delves into the issue of insufficient female political representation in Brazil, a concern acknowledged both nationally and globally. It empirically examines the landscape of equal opportunities in financing female candidates during the 2022 elections in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The research investigates whether mechanisms designed to promote equal opportunities for female candidates fall short in practice. The hypothesis is that data cross-referencing will reveal the inadequacy of institutional policies, given the low number of female candidates and their limited success rate. The study relies on publicly available data and adopts a deductive methodology to analyze electoral statistics and financial data. The results highlight the stark underrepresentation of women in Brazilian politics. The research argues for the importance of the principle of equal opportunities in electoral competition and its constitutional grounding. It also discusses the impact of economic power on campaigns and the need for measures to ensure inclusive funding. The conclusion is that despite legal and constitutional provisions, there is a persistent gender disparity in political representation and financing.

Keywords: Equality of opportunities, feminine candidacies, electoral funding, brazilian election, empirical data.
Inequality of Opportunities. Inferences from Feminine Electoral Financing in MS-Brazil in 2022
Vieira Terenzi, Gabriel
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Abstract: In view of the increasing demand for energy and the search for sustainable alternatives to traditional sources such as fossil fuels, the waste of thermal energy in industries and the potential for converting it into other types of energy are highlighted. The importance of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a tool for analyzing the sustainability of complex systems is presented, covering all stages from the extraction of raw materials to the final product. LCA case studies in thermal waste reuse systems are exemplified by research that evaluates the environmental impact of technologies such as the organic Rankine cycle and the Kalina cycle. The application of LCA to thermomagnetic motors is proposed as a gap in current research, since they also reuse low-quality thermal waste to convert thermal energy into mechanical energy, emphasizing the importance of understanding the life cycle of these devices and their environmental impact. Another important point is the relevance of LCA in analyzing innovative technologies for producing energy from waste. Finally, it is concluded that LCA is fundamental for evaluating systems that use thermal waste, such as thermomagnetic motors, and highlights its role in the search for more sustainable energy sources, helping to guide policies and practices in energy production.

Keywords: Life cycle assessment, thermomagnetic motor, industrial waste heat.
Life Cycle Assessment of Thermomagnetic Motors: A Review
Wisniewski Siqueira, Nathalia
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Abstract: Study goals: Understand how the innovation policies of public universities in São Paulo are covering or restricting open innovation. Relevance / originality: Open innovation is developing among practitioners and academics, however, there are specific policy implications that must be analyzed. Methodology / approach: Qualitative research software (NVIVO) and other software (Miro and Excel) were used to elaborate the results that allowed coding the innovation policies of the investigated public universities, correlating the previous scientific literature and, thus, answering the guiding questions. Main results: Open innovation is an innovation management strategy. Among the higher education institutions that had the highest record of open innovation practices was FATEC with 37%, followed by Unifesp with 33% and USP with 30%. Theoretical / methodological contributions: A hierarchical map of the characteristics of open innovation in the innovation policies of these universities is presented as a research artifact. As well as the descriptive analyzes correlated to open innovation in relation to the study's guiding questions. Social / management contributions: (i) the lack of objective indicators for monitoring the success of open innovation; (ii) no specific limitation was identified regarding open innovation practices in policies; (iii) open innovation practices are implicit in the content of innovation policies.

Keywords: Open innovation, innovation policies, public universities, strategy, innovation management.
Open Innovation as Innovation Management Strategy - An Investigation into São Paulo Public Universities
Yamane Ribeiro, Sayuri
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Abstract: Metformin is the most widely used oral hypoglycemic for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. However, one of the side effects of its use is vitamin B12 deficiency, which is persistent and progressive and can occur in around 5-30% of metformin users. The clinical manifestations of vitamin B12 deficiency are megaloblastic anemia (macro-ovalocytic), which affects the production and shape of red and white blood cells or manifests itself in the neurological system, through peripheral neuropathy, neurodegeneration of the spinal cord and cognitive deficits that can progress to dementia due to axonal demyelination. This study aimed to search the literature to correlate the use of metformin with vitamin B12 deficiency during the treatment of type 2 diabetes. This is a narrative review using the following databases: Google Scholar, Scielo, and Pubmed, and the descriptors: metformin, diabetes, vitamin B12 deficiency, and clinical symptoms. The term "and'' was used as a Boolean operator. According to the literature review, vitamin B12 deficiency during metformin use is associated with the fact that metformin alters the calcium channel mechanism, causing the receptor that recognizes vitamin B12 in the small intestine to be compromised, since the receptor is calcium - dependent.

Keywords: Metformin, Vitamin b12, Diabetes, Clinical symptoms.
Correlation Between Metformin Use and Vitamin B12 Deficiency. A Mini-Narrative Review
Zamboni de Carvalho Magro, Yasmin
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Abstract: One in every five brazilian women has already suffered some domestic violence perpetrated by a man (Maria da Penha Institute, 2018). Globally, one in every two women has been a victim of violence (European Council, 2023). The following article aims to clarify the cycle of violence against women, safe means of assistance, and the importance of the existence of these services for support and safety, given the significant number of cases related to this issue due to the constant increase in reports. Moreover, it has been observed that handling these cases requires care for the safety, not only of the victim but also of the professional, highlighting the difficulty and suffering experienced by women victims and how these cases must be rigorously handled.

Keywords: Violence; Woman; Protection; Law; Cycle of violence;
The Relevance of Specialized Attention to Support Women Victims of Violence
Zanchin Fróes, Gabriela
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