Abstract: Allotransplantation of organs has encountered a significant obstacle due to the inherent limitation in the availability of human donor organs. Given the associated morbidity, mortality, high costs, or the unavailability of supportive treatments, xenotransplantation emerges as a potential solution to tackle the severe scarcity of organ grafts. Over the last decade, research endeavours have concentrated on developing donor organs from pigs through the precise editing of various genes using genome editing technologies. However ethical and functional issues remain, some are broad issues that accompany the adoption of novel and expensive technologies, and some are unique to xenotransplantation. In this paper is possible to have an overview of the cross-species organ transplants and its advantages and challenges.

Keywords: Xenotransplantation, Porcine, Genetic engineering, Organ rejection, ethics.
Cross-Species Organ Transplants: Unlocking Solutions for Organ Failure using Porcine Organs
Magagnin de Novaes, Kauana
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Abstract: Does having employees who work from home impact a company’s profit? This paper discusses telework, addresses how adopting this work model affects profits both directly and indirectly, considering topics such as productivity, utility costs, leases, absenteeism and presenteeism. It reports how a company can interact more efficiently with Working from Home (WfH) and on the benefits it reaps outside of the bottom line considering previous studies on the topic. It then concludes that WfH does have a significant impact on profit, and that when executed expertly, this impact can be overwhelmingly positive.

Keywords: WfH, telecommuting, profit, remote work.
Working from Home: Who Stands to Profit from Telecommuting?
Mancini Ramos, Felipe
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Abstract: This article presents a comprehensive literature review on intrafamily violence perpetrated under the pretext of "correcting" behaviors considered homoaffectionate, mainly based on the absence of conformity with gender stereotypes, in children and adolescents. The Global status report on preventing violence against children, published in 2020, highlights that approximately 300 million children - accounting for nearly three-quarters of children aged 2 to 4 years - regularly face physical punishment and/or psychological violence inflicted by their parents and caregivers. Alongside the complex and multifaceted nature of the problem of homophobia, which lacks comprehensive public measures to address all the needs of the LGBTQ+ community, there is a growing concern about violence specifically targeted at children and adolescents. This form of violence has the potential to profoundly affect the biopsychosocial development of these individuals throughout their lives. At the time this research was conducted, with limitations in terms of time and resources, there still existed a significant gap in data collection capable of accurately quantifying intrafamily homophobia crimes, especially when directed at children and adolescents. In order to create a safe environment, much needs to be done to provide children and adolescents with the structure to grow up in a home that fosters their full development, preserving their physical and moral integrity regardless of any factor, including homophobia. This article emphasizes the urgency of addressing intrafamily violence motivated by homophobia, particularly when it involves children and adolescents, inviting heads of state, organizations, institutions, and society as a whole to mobilize efforts to combat intrafamily violence under the pretext of correcting manifestations of sexuality and gender. It is essential that society and policymakers take concrete measures to protect LGBTQ+ youth from abuse and discrimination, ensuring that they can grow up in an environment that respects their identity and sexual orientation.

Keywords: LGBTQ+ Youth, Homophobia, Child and Adolescent, Domestic Violence, Mental Health.
“Be a Man”: A Psychological Exploration of 'Corrective' Homophobia Violence in Youth
Marco dos Reis, Abhner
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Abstract: This article seeks to explain the basic concepts of Quantum Computation. While classical computers rely on binary information transmitted through digital electrical signals and is processed through boolean logic, quantum computers represent information as qubits, which can exist in a linear combination of states, and follows the rules of quantum mechanics. They can be physically implemented as polarized photons, superconducting circuits and more. The article explores quantum logic gates, the challenge of quantum decoherence and how quantum error correction tries to mitigate it. Furthermore, computational complexity theory is introduced as a way of understanding the limitations of classical and quantum computers and their differences. Even though the type of computable problems are the same for quantum and classical, quantum computers have some advantages in efficiency for certain types of problems, such as simulation of quantum systems, since the computations themselves are made in quantum systems, factorization of prime integers and unstructured search.

Keywords: Quantum computing, quantum logic, quantum information, computational complexity theory.
Quantum Computation: A Brief Introduction
Martinello de Oliveira, João Lucas
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Abstract: The primary objective of this article is to present international readers with some reflections on the Brazilian debate surrounding the term known as "gender ideology." These reflections emerge from dialogues between a master's student and his advisor, seeking to unveil whether the mentioned term has a scientific basis or is fallacious. The term in question carries various elements that deny human diversity, creating conservative arguments that challenge the foundations of sexual rights as an inseparable part of human rights. Despite being frequent in the discourse of conservative figures, the said term can assume various meanings depending on the interlocutor, necessitating a thorough exploration of the productions around the subject. The theoretical framework used in this article arises from a systematic search already conducted to develop some of the presented reflections. Initially, we provide a brief historical overview of the term "gender ideology," its arrival in Latin America, and its presence in the Brazilian political landscape. We draw on scientific productions and Brazilian educational legislative documents to demonstrate the impact that the term has on Brazilian public policies, resulting in the erasure of the category of sexuality and the term "gender" in various federal, state, and municipal documents. It has become evident that this term is intentionally amorphous, adapting its meaning to serve the goals of those who employ it. It serves as a rallying point to oppose progressive movements and policies, especially in the field of sexual rights and, within them, gender issues. Finally, we position Dialectical Historical Materialism as an epistemological framework capable of fostering change and offering possible avenues to combat negationist political tools stemming from this so-called "gender ideology."

Keywords: “Gender Ideology”, Education, Brazilian Politics, Historical Dialectical Materialism; Sexual Rights as Human Rights.
“Gender Ideology”. The Political Impact of Religion in Brazil and the Path to Overcome It
Medeiros Peretti, Eduardo
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Abstract: The purpose of this study is to comprehensively assess the status and potential impact of the EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement's indefiniteness on Brazilian meat exports, with a particular focus on its implications for sustainable development and global trade dynamics. To achieve this objective, a multi-faceted approach was adopted, incorporating a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods.Understanding the implications of this trade agreement is not only relevant to trade analysts and policymakers but also to environmentalists, public health advocates, and consumers worldwide. This research seeks to shed light on a critical aspect of international trade that has far-reaching consequences for sustainable development, economic stability, and the global fight against climate change.

Keywords: Beef exportation, Mercosur, European Union,  Economy.
The Indefinition Of EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement and Its Impact on Brazilian’s Meat Exportation
Mello, Carolina
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Abstract: Environmental issues have gained prominence in the international system, as the planet demands changes in the production and consumption model, with less polluting industries and more sustainable policies. Historically, these production models have been implemented by the Global North, and this exhaustion is mainly due to the high consumption of rich Western countries, which are now imposing sustainable policies on the countries of the Global South. These countries did not have the opportunity to enrich themselves through the production and consumption model, as this would have required more natural resources. In this way, this article aims to understand, through decolonial theory and Ecopolitics, how the Eurocentric model affects international treaties, with a focus on the European Union's treaty with Mercosur.

Keywords: South Global, Sustainable Agreements, Global Inequalities, North Global, Decolonial Theory
Global Inequalities: Rethinking Environmental Agreements for a Sustainable World
Menegasso Rossi, Juliana
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Abstract: Land

Keywords: Land
Difficulties and Opportunities for Implementing Automation inside Industry
Menegazzo Ferreyra, Luiz Fernando
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Abstract: Social media has become an integral part of modern life, offering a wide range of communication and social interaction opportunities. Digital platforms, with their significant growth and development, have reshaped the current landscape by expanding access to information and transforming social connections and interactions. However, while they provide benefits, they can also have negative consequences for mental health, particularly concerning the development of anxiety disorders. Mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression, affect the lives of millions of people worldwide, manifesting in diverse and impactful ways. Nevertheless, a question arises in the face of this landscape: why has the current generation been so affected by these conditions? What are the stressors contributing to the exponential growth of anxiety and depression disorders in children and adolescents? Why have these afflictions been labelled as the "ailments of the century"? In this context, we aim to understand how social media has become an influential factor in mental health, especially regarding anxiety disorders. We will meticulously examine studies investigating the effects of excessive use of these digital tools, exploring how this phenomenon correlates with the rise in anxiety within the specific target audience.

Keywords: Social media, internet, social networks, anxiety, mental health, children, adolescents.
The Impact of Social Media on the Onset of Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: A Literature Review
Mondin Montanha, Anna Luiza
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Abstract: In 2015, in northeastern Brazil, numerous cases of children born with microcephaly emerged. After several studies, the link between microcephaly and contamination by the Zika Virus during pregnancy was proven. The work seeks to highlight the need to enhance the learning of children with Congenital Zika Virus Syndrome .Recognizing this need to improve learning processes for children affected by Congenital Zika Virus Syndrome (CZVS) and questioning how to enhance this learning for children situated within this scenario, the following article has the general objective: seek alternatives to enhance children's learning affected by CZVS. This objective will be achieved through the characterization of the syndrome and its impacts on health and learning, so that there is a better understanding of its effects not only in the physical scope, but also recognizing its implications for cognitive development. The production of this research is justified by the need to understand the learning processes that are carried out by these children within their limitations and thus develop means that meet their demands and can enhance these processes, so that they are assisted and welcomed taking into account consideration of the context of their realities arising from the CZVS. It was concluded that the neural differences caused by CZVS should not be a limiting factor for professionals who will guide the learning process of microcephalic children.

Keywords: Microcephaly, Congenital Zika Virus Syndrome, learning.
How to Enhance the Learning of Children with Congenital Zika Virus Syndrome?
Nascimento Leal, Jairla Gabriela
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Abstract: Product development in the metal industry generates a huge quantity of solid waste by the year, this waste is recycled by using different methods, being chemical or melting. The biggest challenge for the industry is finding ways to utilize this material with the least utilization of energy possible. As such using the chips generated by mechanical metal processes as dust for metallurgy is an option, giving the material a new purpose without melting. The dust metallurgy consists in using the material in a particulate state and applying different pressure for the wished material. The experiment consist in utilizing brass chips (70Cu-30Zn) as a substitute for the dust metallurgy process. After selection of the material in two different granularity (# -25 and # -14/+25) the brass chips were compacted in three different pressures (100 MPa, 150 MPa and 200 MPa) and sintered in an oven at 800 ºC with 2x10-2 mbar. After the dust metallurgy processes were applied to the analyzed material. The final product showed that it is possible to develop sintered filters through dust metallurgy processes by using brass chips, being a viable alternative to industrial processes that involve less mechanical strength. The final results show different amounts of mass and therefore density loss in the sintering process.

Keywords: Microporosity, Micrography, Qualitative analysis, Porosity, Sintered material.
Sintered Brass Chip Micro-porosity and Mass loss Analysis for Industrial Filters
Nascimento Mendes, Lucas
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Abstract: Helicobacter pylori is known for being the main cause of Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD), knowing that a large percentage of cirrhotic patients develops PUD and that cirrhotic patients have shown to have a higher risk of H. pylori infection. Consequently, studies were made to contemplate if there was a relation between H. pylori infection in cirrhotic patients with the occurrence of PUD, meaning to find if the bacteria eradication could diminish or terminate the development of PUD in cirrhotic patients. Therefore, this narrative review aims to critically evaluate pre-existing studies on the topic, using a search database with no time restriction based on articles on PubMed, resulting in the inclusion of 10 relevant studies. The present narrative review acknowledges a consistent pattern of little to no relation of H. pylori infection being a cause for PUD in cirrhotic patients, believing an "ulcerogenic factor" in cirrhosis to be the cause. Studies which stated a positive weak correlation declared to have research limitations. However, some studies were still in favor of implementing H. pylori eradication treatment, even if proclaiming no direct relation, stating that the infection could be a cause for PUD complications. While further research is needed to elucidate the cause of PUD in cirrhotic patients and how beneficial H. pylori eradication treatment is for those patients, the existing evidence suggest that the therapy might not be that advantageous, with not enough evidence to prescribe nor reject the treatment.

Keywords: Helicobacter pylori, Liver cirrhosis, Peptic Ulcer Disease, treatment, eradication.
Should Helicobacter Pylori Be Eradicated in Cirrhotic Patients with Peptic Ulcer Disease?
Nascimento Silva Barros de Oliveira, Matheus
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Abstract: The Covid-19 pandemic demanded a rapid response from researchers, leading to the establishment of new forms of collaboration aimed at patents and technologies. Thus, with the objective of synthesizing and analyzing the existing literature correlating technological cooperation, patents, and Covid-19, a systematic review was conducted following the PRISMA protocol, aided by the Rayyan and Atlas.ti software for article synthesis and selection. The analysis allowed for the conclusion that various forms of cooperation were established to achieve Covid-19-related innovations. It is also possible to identify shortcomings and areas for improvement in collaborations to enhance and facilitate the attainment of innovations. This article contributes by providing a systematic review of a topic of utmost international relevance (Covid-19) and by shedding light on the field of study related to technological cooperation and patents."

Keywords: Scope Review. Covid-19. Collaboration. Patent. Intellectual Property.
Technological Cooperation, Patent, and Covid-19: A Scoping Review
Naves Arantes, Camila
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Abstract: Trisomy 21 (T21), also known as Down syndrome (DS), is the most frequently diagnosed chromosomal abnormality. One of the main characteristics of people with T21 is intellectual deficit, accompanied by a global delay in development, including the areas of movement and language. When a child with a disability is born, such as T21, family relationships are impacted and there is a need to redefine roles and change the lifestyle of the family. The sibling of a person with a disability can often feel underserved due to the care and attention demands of the most vulnerable child. The objective of this study was to conduct the translation and cross-cultural adaptation of two questionnaires: "Questionnaire for brothers and sisters, from 9 to 11 years old" and "Questionnaire for brothers and sisters, from 12 years old", to assess the perspectives of siblings of people with T21 in the Brazilian population. Contact was made with the researcher who authored the translated instruments in order to request permission to prepare the Portuguese/Brazilian version of the instrument for use in this research; once the authorization for the translation of the instrument was obtained, the steps of translation, back-translation and cross-cultural adaptation were followed, obtaining satisfactory content validity indices from the evaluation of a group of judges.

Keywords: Down Syndrome, siblings, translation, instrument.
Translation and Cross-Cultural Adaptation: Questionnaires for Siblings of People with Trisomy 21
Nóbrega de Almeida, Caroline
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Abstract: Generalism is becoming a better option for people starting in the professional market, yet, is it the best option? New ways of curriculum development are emerging, and the students preparing to enter the professional world are not being truly oriented on this matter. Throughout this article I will dissect and talk about the pros and cons of this type of formation and compare it with its antonym, Specialism. To develop this Scientific Paper, two methods were used, a research containing data from previous articles and books, and a small research done with managers and employees from companies situated in Recife-PE. The main objective of this article is to obtain a definitive answer to the question: Nowadays, is it better to be a Generalist or a Specialist? And hopefully explain why one of them is better or if they are similar, depending on the area of choice.

Keywords: Generalism, Specialism, Management, Career, Development.
The Impacts of Generalism VS Specialism in The Career Formation
Oliveira de Figueiroa Faria, Leonardo
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Abstract: Introduction: Fibromyalgia is a chronic syndrome that impacts both the physical and cognitive aspects of patients, causing musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, sensitivity, and various other symptoms that significantly compromise their quality of life.Methodology: The research utilised Google Scholar, Scielo, and PubMed, considering articles in Portuguese and English from 2018 to 2023. Out of an initial 222 articles, 32 were selected after applying inclusion and exclusion criteria.Results and Discussion: Treatments for fibromyalgia involve multiple classes of medications, such as tricyclic antidepressants, non-opioid analgesics, NSAIDs, SSRIs, SNRIs, anticonvulsants, muscle relaxants, opioids, sleep-inducing drugs, and cannabinoids. Each class has a mechanism of action directed at different symptoms of fibromyalgia. The effectiveness varies among patients, emphasising the importance of an individualised treatment plan. Notably, studies on cannabinoids in the treatment of fibromyalgia are limited, but they indicate efficacy in treating chronic pain.Conclusion: Treating fibromyalgia requires a multifaceted and individualised approach, with various classes of medications available, each targeting different symptoms of the disease. More research on the use of cannabinoids is needed to solidify their effectiveness in treating fibromyalgia.

Keywords: Fibromyalgia/drug therapy, drug therapy.
Pharmacological Therapy in fibromyalgia: A Literature Review
Oliveira Felice, Ágatha
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Abstract: Legal principles are what Bonavides understands as the alpha and omega of Constitutional Law. From the theoretical analysis in the conceptualization discourse of the legal principle, the question of the difference between Constitutionality and Legality is problematized, through a paradigm of Constitutionalization of law. Therefore, it is vital for this work to establish a clear methodological-theoretical approach in the search for limits in the dominant constitutional thought regarding what determines a constitutional norm and a principle of Law. Thus, the question arises what is the difference between the legal principle of Legality and the notion of Constitutionality.

Keywords: General Principles of Law, Constitutional Law, Legality, Constitutionality, Theory of Principles, Constitutionalization of Law.
The Fine Line between Constitutionality and Legality: A Question of Difference between Legal Principles in Brazilian Constitucional Law
Oliveira Perez Costa, Pedro José
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Abstract: Rheumatic Fever (RF) is an autoimmune disease triggered by Streptococcus pyogenes, primarily affecting children and young adults. Its most severe complication, carditis, leads to Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD), impacting over 15 million individuals globally, with 500,000 new RF cases annually. Cardiac involvement occurs in some cases of RF patients, characterized by pancarditis and heart valve damage due to molecular mimicry. Contrary to literature expectations, male patients exhibited in this research a higher incidence of rheumatic carditis. This study reveals mitral regurgitation (90%) and aortic regurgitation (85%) as prevalent manifestations of rheumatic carditis, while Erythema marginatum and Chorea are less frequent.

Keywords: Carditis; Rheumatic fever; Children.
Most Common Findings of Carditis in Children with Rheumatic Fever: A Literature Review
Oliveira Santiago, Pedro Henrique
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Abstract: The use of rock powder as a source of nutrients to plants can be an alternative or complement to mineral soluble and organic sources, reducing the costs and the environmental pollution. Thus, the objective of this study was to present data from a long-term field trial, installed in 2015 at Federal University of Fronteira Sul, in Erechim City, in Rio Grande do Sul State, in Brazil. The data presented here evaluates the effects of applying increasing rates of rock powder (0, 3, 6, 9 and 12 t ha-1), associated or not to organic fertilizer, on the soil chemical attributes and maize yield (crop season 22/23). The experiment was carried out in completely randomized blocks, with three replicates. The organic fertilizer used were bovine manure and egg-laying hen manure, while the rock powder was obtained from an extrusive igneous rock miner company (as grinding residue). The rock powder and organic fertilizer were applied on the soil, without incorporation. The soil is classified as Latossolo Vermelho Aluminoférrico típico, which corresponds to Oxisol. The rock powder associated with organic fertilizer increased potassium content in the soil. The organic fertilizer, regardless of rock powder rates, increased maize yield, soil pH and phosphorus content in the soil.

Keywords: Rocking, remineralization; alternative fertilization; organic fertilizers.
Use of Rock Powder and Organic Fertilizer as a Source of Nutrients for Maize Crop
Onesko, Juan Cristopher
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Abstract: Revenge porn is a crime foreseen in Brazilian law since 2018, characterised as the non-consensual propagation of photos, videos and audios containing sexual content. This act can be done against all kinds of people, but data shows that women are the greatest victims. From this context, we sought to understand, with this research, which signs of patriarchy are present in revenge porn. To answer our research problem, we used the multiple case study methodology and the content analysis methodology. We conclude that revenge porn is a sort of gender violence and there is a stigmatisation and blaming towards female victims, because they do not fulfil social norms designed from their gender.

Keywords: Semiosis, Revenge porn, Gender, Patriarchy.
Semiosis of Revenge Porn: A Study on Gender and Patriarchy in Brazil
Packes Rambo, Mariane Carolina
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Abstract: This article presents the connection between human trafficking and refuge, presenting the reason why refugees are at a high risk of becoming trafficking victims. At first, we elaborated the global and Brazilian landscape for both issues with data from the United Nations’ and national reports. After that, the interface between those is presented. In analysing the data that was found, it was perceived that there is an enormous gap of information referring to human trafficking cases in Brazil, with no database comprehending data collected from multiple fronts and organisations involved in combating, investigating, prosecuting, and protecting victims of human trafficking. We then discuss the human rights approach as a better option to create effective public policies, taking into consideration the principle of dignity of the human person, to guarantee rights to those in extreme vulnerability, especially the refugee population in Brazil.

Keywords: Human trafficking, human rights, refugees, migration, public policy, forced displacement, exploitation.
The Correlation Between Human Trafficking and Refuge in Brazil
Pereira, Aliandra Thais
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Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the influence of different lime and air-entraining admixture (AEA) contents in composite mortar mixtures produced by blending two fine aggregates, 70% artificial sand and 30% natural sand. To evaluate the effects produced by different proportions of lime and air-entraining admixture, 9 mortar mixes were prepared with a cement-to-sand ratio of 1:6 and varying additions of lime (0.2, 0.4, and 0.6) and AEA (0.2%, 0.4%, and 0.6%), dosed to achieve a consistency of 260±10 mm (flow table). The results indicated the influence of AEA on the mortar properties. As the admixture content increased, the mortars required less water to achieve the desired workability. It was also observed that the increase in AEA content resulted in a higher amount of entrained air in the mortars, reducing their strengths.

Keywords: Mortar dosing, plaster, crusher sand, air-entraining admixture.
The Influence Of Different Lime Contents And Air-Entraining Admixture in Rendering Properties
Pessa, Ana Raquel
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Abstract: Conyza spp. is one of the main weeds in soybean’s crop. Its management becomes complex as a result of resistant biotypes to 2,4-D associated to its high development. In this scenario, the purpose of this work was to evaluate the efficacy of alternative herbicides to 2,4-D followed by sequential application in Conyza spp.’s control with phenological state superior to 10cm. The experiment was conducted at field in experimental delineation of casualized blocks and in homogeneous and natural infestation’s area of Conyza spp. The first application was constituted by the treatments: (fluroxypyr + clethodim) + glyphosate; dicamba + glyphosate; triclopyr + glyphosate; chlorimuron-ethyl + glyphosate; (mesotrione + atrazine) + glyphosate; (halauxifen-methyl + diclosulam) + glyphosate; (mesotrione + atrazine) + glyphosate + 2,4-D; tembotrione + atrazine + glyphosate and tembotrione + atrazine + 2,4-D + glyphosate besides the witness with no herbicide application. At 14 days after treatments application, it was done the sequential application through ammonium glufosinate. The percentual control of Conyza spp. was evaluated through visual evaluations at 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35 days after the application – DAA. The statistical analyze of the results was conducted by the F test for fixed effect factors and applied the Tukey’s test to compare the level among treatments. The best results at 35 DAA were dicamba + glyphosate and triclopyr + glyphosate, while the less effective, was chlorimuron-ethyl + glyphosate.

Keywords: Horseweed, Phenology, Sequential.
Alternative Herbicides to High Developed Conyza spp. control in Soybean’s Pre-Sowing
Pessoni Pereira Nascimento Borges, Rafael
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Abstract: This article focuses on analyzing interseccionally the assurance of maternal mental health in the Brazilian prison context. This issue has shown deficiencies stemming from the denial of rights to these women and neglect related to their condition. The method employed was a literature review of eight articles and one book that address the topic. The results presented demonstrate the increasing relevance of pregnancy and the postpartum period in prison, particularly from 2018 onwards. The relationship between the exacerbation of carceral vulnerabilities among Black women, who make up the majority of this space, was also highlighted.

Keywords: Pregnancy, postpartum, incarceration, mental health, race.
Psychosocial Vulnerabilities of Pregnancy and Puerperium in Incarcerated Women
Pires de Oliveira, Isadora
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Abstract: The current emphasis on sustainable development has given rise to an emerging paradigm in the field of civil engineering, known as "Sustainable Construction." This new approach to the design and construction of buildings primarily seeks to reduce the impacts associated with energy consumption, utilization of natural resources, waste generation, and other related factors. Moreover, this movement has sparked significant debates regarding methodologies for the conception, implementation, and operation of buildings. This study aims to explore and conceptualize sustainability from three fundamental perspectives: environmental, economic, and social. Furthermore, it emphasizes the relevance of environmental certifications, with special attention to the certification system known as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED is an assessment tool that plays a crucial role in identifying, implementing, and evaluating sustainable practices in buildings, contributing to the promotion of ecologically responsible and socially beneficial constructions. A methodological approach focusing on a literature review relevant to the field of sustainable construction has been adopted. This approach involved a meticulous process of source identification and acquisition, encompassing scientific articles, literary works, technical reports, and other pertinent contributions through exploration of academic databases and digital library resources. Once a careful selection of sources was completed, the subsequent phase comprised a critical analysis of each of the identified articles and documents. During this phase, the prominent principles, findings, and trends related to the domain of sustainable construction were highlighted, recognizing environmental certification as a pivotal factor in encouraging stakeholders in the global construction industry.

Keywords: Sustainability, Leed Certification, Sustainable construction, Environmental certifications.
Environmental Certification as an Incentive for Sustainable Civil Construction
Pizzatto Fagundes, Mateus
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Abstract: Covid-19 is an acute respiratory infection caused by SARS-CoV-2, from the coronavirus family. It is responsible for a systemic impact, with various symptoms, manifested in the acute, sub-acute, and / or chronic phases of the disease. It may present in a severe form requiring hospitalisation and possible admission in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for complications associated with pneumonia and / or acute respiratory distress syndrome. Hospitalized patients may suffer impairments in their mobility due to characteristics of the disease itself or given complications from hospitalization. These repercussions can manifest during hospital stay and last for months after discharge. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of Covid-19 on the mobility of individuals after hospitalization. This paper is an analytical longitudinal study that analysed the data of individuals hospitalized due to Covid-19, in two hospitals in the south of Brazil, between July 2020 and March 2022. The scales and questionnaires used in the gathering were the ICU Mobility Scale and WHODAS 2.0 (Mobility Domain). The investigated variables were mobility in five different periods - rehospitalisation, 30, 90 and 180 days after discharge - age, sex, total length of stay and length of stay in the ICU. That investigation was carried out from a descriptive perspective with measures of central tendency and dispersion. The Shapiro-Wilk test observed the normality of the data. Considering the abnormality of the data, the Friedman test with peer comparison was used. It was found that mobility was compromised at the time of hospital discharge of surviving hospitalised patients infected with COVID-19, where individuals required assistance from 1 or were more people or even unable to walk, and the functional mobility status remained compromised even three months after hospital discharge.

Keywords: Mobility Limitation. Hospitalisation. Coronavirus.
Evolution of Mobility in COVID-19 Hospitalized Patients in the south of Brazil: A Longitudinal Study
Polo, Laura
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Abstract: Freedom and equality are pillars for the construction of the majority types of modern ideologies, since the 1500ths. Law and Economics analyze those concepts in different ways, sometimes antagonists. Law scientists are in the duty to guarantee that all human being have equal rights and equal access to them. In cases of economic conflict, Law agents are responsible for protecting fundamental rights of all individuals, including economic freedom, political freedom, speech freedom, choice freedom and, above all, the human dignity. On the contrary, Economic scientists are focused on only one type of freedom: economic freedom, ignoring all other uncountable individuals’ rights, in the name of the market´s natural self-regulation. Capitalism ideology lies in the idea that all individuals are free to pursue their own egocentric interests, so the market voluntary cooperation will lead to satisfaction. This research paper supports the idea that the good function of Capitalism system in current developing societies depends on Law regulation and affirmative acts taken by the government.

Keywords: Freedom, equality, capitalism, law, regulation.
Freedom and Equality as Fundamental Pillars for the Maintenance of Capitalism
Portilho Bolanho da Rosa, Angela
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Abstract: This paper describes developing a cost-effective system for capturing fundus images using smartphones. The techniques used to achieve this are also described, providing an alternative to the expensive solutions currently available. A smartphone with a 3D printed PLA adapter arm, based on the Odocs Fundus open-source project [1], and a +20 optical diopter condenser lens were used to capture images. The adapter arm was used to align the smartphone camera with the optical center of the lens and flashlight. It was confirmed that the lighting adhered to the safety limits ISO 15004-2.2 set. Clear images of the optic nerve, papillary excavation, excavation/disc ratio, and vascularization were obtained at high resolution. This system can be helpful for early prevention of blindness and low vision. Its application can be applied to human and veterinary use. Its connectivity can also aid in the development of telehealth systems. The system's techniques have a short learning curve, enabling healthcare professionals to work in resource-limited settings or where imaging systems are unavailable. Low-cost cell phones have proven to yield good results. The captured videos were used to extract images, then transmitted via Wi-Fi and 4G for later review. Additional clinical trials will be required to validate the system for widespread use.

Keywords: Smartphone, fundus, fundoscopy, ophthalmoscopy, low cost, imaging, photography.
A Guide to Obtaining Fundus Images Using Low-Cost Smartphone-Based Techniques
Prado Vereau, Luis Antonio
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