Abstract: Updated studies prove that good music has the power to promote well-being, modify our thoughts and emotions, release dopamine and positively affect our brain. Therefore, selecting quality music will certainly contribute to the management of our thoughts and emotions as proposed by author and psychiatrist Augusto Cury in his theory of multifocal intelligence. In this article I present the direct relationship between managing thoughts and mood and selecting good music to listen to and how this affects the cognitive system. Therefore, it is worth highlighting that some musical genres presented better results and numerous benefits for listeners, including the harmonious Brazilian music of the Bossa nova, Samba and Forró genres, which mostly provide: calm, relaxation and joy. Samba, for example, makes you want to dance. The sound of the drums hypnotizes the viewer and causes pleasure. Below, studies carried out to try to understand this phenomenon will be presented. “And anyone who was seen dancing was considered crazy by anyone who couldn’t hear the music” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Keywords: Music, Mental health, Brazilian music, Augusto Cury, Intelligence academy.
The Influence of Brazilian Music on Mental Health and Well-Being
David Barroso de Souza, Ana Flávia
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Abstract: Started in 2014 with the annexation of Crimea to Russian territory, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine reached its peak on February, 2022, when, upon recognizing the independence of the Ukrainian provinces Lugansk and Donetsk, Russia moved its troops across the Ukrainian border, entering its territory. Since then, several restrictive measures have been applied, seeking to discourage Russian actions in Ukraine through economic impacts. Such sanctions are the subject of discussion, from the perspective of International Law, since the restriction of the global interaction of a State was a way found by the European Union to prevent Russia from continuing the aggression. With that, those measures would instigate the restoration of harmonious relations between countries. In this paper, the effectiveness of the restrictive measures will be analyzed, considering the principled aspects of International law. The purpose is to verify how the International Law principles, such as peaceful settlement of disputes, are inserted in the European Union sanctions. As a preliminary conclusion, it is possible to observe: (i) the ability of the International Law shapeshifts according to the conflict, since the implementation of those sanctions assumes a transnational activism form to condemn Russian actions, and (ii) the power of building social realities of this Law field, always aiming cooperation between countries.

Keywords: Ukraine’s invasion; Russia; Restrictive measures; EU sanctions; International Law.
The Restrictive Measures Addressed to Russia at Ukraine's Conflict: An Alternative Way of Applying the International Law
Defina Sarje, Giovana
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Abstract: The present paper aims to analyze the privatization of the Port of Vitória, which was carried out in 2022, marking the first privatization of a port authority in Brazil. Given the novelty of the port management model introduced with this privatization, the so-called private landlord port, replacing the landlord port, the question arises whether the privatization is an effective way to increase efficiency, balancing the risk of having a private company responsible of a matter of national sovereignty. To address this, it was made an analysis of the regulatory framework applicable to the sector, the New Ports (Law 12.815/2013), focusing on the possibilities of private sector exploration of port services. Along with that, it was researched the major ports in the world and its administration model, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Keywords: Port Authority, Ports, Law, Ports administration models, Port of Vitória, Brazil, Privatization.
Privatization of Ports in Brazil: Is It a Way to Increase Its Efficiency?
Delpupo Wanick Mattos, Marcelo
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Abstract: Cancer is considered one of the diseases that most affects individuals around the world and due to the few routes of intervention and its potential metastatic nature, it can generate oral manifestations. Currently, antineoplastic treatment is established by radiotherapy, which consists of exposure to ionizing radiation in the region affected by cancer cells, and chemotherapy, which is the administration of substances that compromise cellular functioning. Given the approaches used, the presence of manifestations that compromise the functional integrity of the oral cavity and adjacent structures was noted. Therefore, the objective of this paper has focused on describing the main oral complications in patients undergoing antineoplastic treatment. As methodological procedures, a literature review was evaluated with the keywords “Antineoplastic protocols”, “Cancer symptoms”, “Oral health” and “Oral manifestations”, through a bibliographic search carried out in the databases: National Library of Medicine (PubMed), Scientific Electronic Library Online (Scielo) and Latin American and Caribbean Literature in Health Sciences (LILACS). As requirements, only the inclusion of articles in English and Portuguese is established. Infections, development of oral mucositis, osteoradionecrosis, trismus, loss of taste and xerostomia are admitted as complications in cancer patients. Therefore, dental evaluation before, during and after cancer treatment is essential to promote the quality of life of these patients.

Keywords: Antineoplastic Protocols, Cancer Symptoms, Oral Health, Oral Manifestations.
Oral Manifestation of Cancer Treatment
Dias de Carvalho, Guilherme
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Abstract: This article presents an analysis of Brazilian legislation on migration, as well as an analysis of the interpretation of Law nº 13.445/2017 and Decree nº 9.199/2017, an experience report of the author’s work at the Migration Office of the Federal Police. The main objective of this research is to prepare a guide for foreigners who intend to regularize their situation in Brazil, exposing the necessary documentation, thus facilitating access to legal procedures. The hypotheses presented in the law, international agreements and treaties, documentation for the cases listed in the scope of this research are considered, dealing mainly with Mercosur.  Obviously, natives of South American countries have easier access to Brazil, although the Brazil also welcomes foreigners from African, Asian, and European countries, as well as North America and Oceania, many with the intention of studying, working or even living with their families. It is expected that access to the list of documents, such as the necessary requirements for each case, in an organized manner, will provide the necessary subsidies for those interested in living legally in Brazil, and the document processing process, with information on translations and the Hague Apostille, which becomes relevant if the foreigner wants to naturalize as Brazilian after following certain requirements.

Keywords: Brazil; Migration; Agreements; Residence Permit; Mercosur.
Residence Permit: A Guide to Getting Regularized in Brazil
Dias Galama, Ícaro
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Abstract: With the advent of technology and other types of modern activities like video games, video chats and streaming apps, the use of the library in Brazil is becoming a little obsolete. As discovered throw research, many people from the general public think that nowadays the libraries are for students, researchers or older people. And a library is more then that. A library is a place of and for freedom of speech, fun activities and, of course, for study and research. It is a safe place. A place for getting knowledge and wisdom in any type or form. And, this exodus “fenomenal” has been happening through the years and we need to make it stop. We need to bring the general public back and show them how interesting and important is to have a library included on the regular activities of a person or the hole family. Throughout this presentation I am going to show and discuss what I think is a good way to do this and how I think I can manage to bring the general public back to the library and the thoughts and views of the local people that I gathered to respond some questions and participate in this research.

Keywords: Library, library science, tecnology, general public.
How to Bring the General Public Back to the Libraries
Dias Malvaccini, Chrystianne
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Abstract: The increase in the production of behavioral data in the neurosciences, together with technological advances in computer science, have made it possible to automate the analysis of animal behavior, also known as ethology. Scientific literature has coined the term computational ethology to describe the application of computer systems that make use of computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques in the field of ethology. This paper aims to carry out a brief literature review to identify which algorithms and machine learning techniques have been used in problems of ethological analysis of animal models based on video recordings. As a result, it was identified that supervised models are the most common, which still requires extensive manual annotation work by expert observers to build datasets of behavioral data. Advances are needed in terms of terminology as well as model transparency and reproducibility.

Keywords: Animal Behavior, Computational Ethology, Machine Learning, Rodents Behavior Analysis.
A Brief Review of Machine Learning Techniques in Computational Ethology
Duarte Fonseca, Rodrigo
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Abstract: Some bacteria can produce carotenoids as secondary metabolites, and they may have a photooxidative protection function, and previous studies point out the potential of Micrococcus luteus for the accumulation of sarcinaxanthin, a 50-carbon carotenoid. These compounds may have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, protection against UV radiation, and health benefits. Given the various possible applications, the present work aimed to evaluate the influence of salt and light stress on the production of carotenoids from M. luteus. The experiments were performed in 125 mL Erlenmeyer flasks with 50 mL of soy tryptone broth with sucrose and potassium nitrate at 35 °C, pH 7.00 and 150 rpm, with sufficient inoculum volume for optical density of 0.1. The experimental conditions were no salt without light, no salt with light, salt without light, salt with light, and salt with blue light. The latter condition was evaluated by packing the flasks with blue cellophane paper. For the no-light condition, the flasks were covered with kraft paper. For the light supply, three 20 W led lamps were attached to the surface of the orbital shaker. The samples were removed at different times up to 40 h and centrifuged, the supernatant was separated to measure the pH, the pellets were resuspended in 10 mL of methanol for carotenoid extraction, and then resuspended in water for biomass determination. According to the results, there was a decrease in the pH of all experiments evaluated, which showed that the salt and light did not influence the pH. Similar behaviour was observed in biomass production, as the different experiments presented a similar growth curve. Regarding pigment production, it was verified that the presence of salt did not interfere, but the highest productivities occurred in the conditions with light. At blue light condition, it was observed an increase in productivity, corresponding to a value of 13.78 % in relation to the visible light condition. It is concluded from that the bacterium M. luteus has a great carotenoid producing potential when submitted to light stress conditions, but salt did not influence such production.

Keywords: Fermentation, Biopigment, Sarcinaxanthin, Influence.
Evaluation of Salt and Light Stress on Carotenoids Production by Micrococcus Luteus
Durães Chlusewicz, Vitória
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Abstract: As artificial intelligence continues to advance, individuals have grown concerned about the potential threat to their jobs. Wonder if the developer job is being completely replaced for AI. They ponder whether this intelligence might supplant human capabilities, rendering them obsolete. With that in mind, this article is to illustrate how this tool can be exploited and whether its applications would ultimately position it as a foe or as a powerful ally and friend, assisting in the creation of more easy and efficient work, focusing on developer jobs.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), developers, ChatGPT, Work Optimization, AI Benefits, AI Efficiency.
Artificial Intelligence: Friend or a Foe?
Falcão Nogueira Miranda, Lígia
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Abstract: 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has transformed object and component production with customization and waste reduction. Yet, material diversity necessitates filament recycling and material reuse. This review addresses filament recycling challenges and underscores their importance for technology and sustainability. We explore 3D printing's history, disruptive nature, and industrial applications. Focusing on filament recycling, we discuss efficiency, material contamination, new material development, "homemade" extruders, and community education. Effective recycling methods are pivotal for sustainability. Identifying and mitigating impurities is crucial for recycled material quality. Research on new materials expands 3D printing possibilities, reducing non-renewable resource dependence. The inclusion of recycling in low-cost extruders increases accessibility. Awareness and education promote sustainable 3D printing. This article emphasizes tackling these challenges to foster sustainable additive manufacturing practices and spur further research.

Keywords: 3D printing, Filament recycling, Material reuse, Additive Manufacturing, Sustainability.
Sustainability in 3D Printing Process: Filament Recycling and Manufacturing Process
Duarte Virtuoso, Vinícius
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Abstract: Economic development in agriculture based regions, as well as on other adjacent industries, is greatly dependent on the characteristics of the soil, and what it has that can be extracted by the people working on it. This article aims to better point down what aspects of the different soils in the southern-brazilian state of Santa Catarina have impacted the differing agricultural and economical developments in its multiple geographical sectors. The analysis of multiple studies regarding both agricultural practices, their economical impact, and the geological origins and soil properties in each region of the state were followed by comparison between works. It’s concluded that under poorer soil conditions, its preferred and most economically impactful use is of silviculture and fruit cultivation, that being long-cycled plants. The better the soil conditions, the more impacted its region’s economy are by growth of short-cycled cultivars, such as grain, or even usage of the farmable area to grow livestock, swine and birds. Notably, all mentioned activities occuring in the regions in wich they are not the most economically relevant are mostly performed by smaller, family run farms as subsistence or secondary income.

Keywords: Soil analysis, Brazilian economics, Geology, Santa Catarina, Agriculture.
Connection between Soil and Economy of Plateaus of Santa Catarina
Fantin Gebler, Helena
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Abstract: This article delves into the realm of public security in Brazil, focusing on municipal actors and their influence on public policy development and implementation. Although there is extensive literature on police forces and overt action measures, this article contributes to reducing a gap by examining the municipal sphere. The study employs qualitative data analysis, emphasizing a comprehensive understanding of the field and its nuances. The methodology encompasses documental analysis of the 1988 Brazilian Constitution, a brief narrative literature review, and data analysis using the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics database. While document analysis reveals the constitutional framework and legal limitations on municipal security roles, the literature review contextualises public security in Brazil. Moreover, quantitative data analysis was used to address the scarcity of municipal security entities, illustrating the dearth of municipal security structures, with 76% of municipalities lacking dedicated entities. Similarly, only 21.3% have Municipal Guards. In this perspective and with the absence of binding legal documents for municipal action in this domain, it was possible to argue that this paucity impedes the development and implementation of effective public security policies at the local level. Thus, this article sheds light on the role and limitations of municipal public security structures in Brazil, defending that to enhance municipal contributions, the country must prioritise the establishment of robust municipal security entities.

Keywords: Public Security, Municipal Security Entities, Public Policy, Municipal Guards, Brazil.
Dissonances of Security in Brazil: An Analysis of the Municipal Security Entities
Farage Boya, Artur
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Abstract: This study aims to present the dropout rates in undergraduate teaching degree courses at the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of São Paulo (IFSP) for in-classroom courses and distance learning. The IFSP is a public higher education institution subsidized by the Brazilian federal government. It is an important institution for the qualification of teachers and presents expressive dropout rates. This study is part of exploratory and quantitative research based on data analysis from the Nilo Peçanha Platform (PNP) from 2019 to 2022. We concluded that dropout rates were lower in 2019 and considerably increased in 2022, possibly due to the Covid-19 pandemic period. We suggest that further research should be developed to better understand these dropout rates to propose institutional actions.

Keywords: School Dropout, Degrees, Teacher Training.
Teacher Training: Dropout from Undergraduate Courses at a Federal Institute in Brazil
Faustino Ferber, Ana Paula
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Abstract: Introduction: Gastric cancer is the fourth most diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of death worldwide. Most patients have advanced status of the disease at the diagnosis, requiring palliative treatment. The primary aim of the palliative treatment is to improve the quality of life, according to the patient’s individual needs. Objective: This article aims to bring together the most up-to-date perspectives on palliative care in gastric cancer, highlighting the most recommended techniques for the associated symptoms and the different forms of presentation of the disease. Methods: Eleven articles were collected in English, Portuguese and Spanish from 2018 to 2023, on Scielo, PubMed, Uptodate and Google Scholar platforms. Results: In a matched cohort, patients undergoing palliative gastrectomy had a longer median overall survival (OS) than patients without surgery. The indication for palliative resection is established in symptomatic patients who have the prospect of benefiting from complementary palliative care. Discussion: Palliative care for gastric cancer patients are indicated at advanced gastric cancer and metastatic gastric cancer, both feature a poor prognosis. Palliative treatment can be local or systemic. In patients with metastatic cancer, symptom control can be achieved through palliative surgical resection, bypass surgery, radiotherapy and endoscopic techniques. Evidence of malignant gastric obstruction and bleeding are specific symptoms of severe gastric cancer, which can be controlled by endoscopy, surgery and/or radiotherapy. Conclusion: To repair malignant gastric obstruction, the return of oral feeding should be considered, assessing the immediate need or stability of feeding. For an immediate approach, endoscopic intervention with stent placement (SEMS) is indicated, which is also recommended for patients who cannot undergo surgery. In an attempt to avoid complications, promote fewer recurrences and greater stability of oral intake, a palliative gastrectomy or gastrojejunostomy should be chosen.

Keywords: Gastric cancer, palliative care, gastrectomy; gastrojejunostomy.
Surgical Management of Palliative Gastric Cancer- Literature Review
Fernandes Louback, Clara
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Abstract: Anti-Nmda Encephalitis is one of the main autoimmune encephalitis diseases which can present with a wide range of symptoms, from psychological to motor, at first proving to be non-specific and difficult to diagnose. However, even with adequate therapy, many patients can still relapse and their symptoms return, or even fail to respond to the first-choice therapies (corticosteroids and immunoglobulins), making it necessary to quickly look for other forms of treatment that have emerged over the years, such as second-line or third-line drugs. In this way, the aim of the paper was to analyze the most conventional (main) drugs and those that have emerged in recent years for the treatment of Anti-Nmda Encephalitis in children.

Keywords: Anti Nmda encephalitis treatment, Anti Nmda encephalitis new treatment, anti Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Encephalitis, anti Nmda encefalitis in children.
Anti-Nmda Encephalitis treatment in Children: An Integrative Review
Ferraz Pozzer Gularte, Daniel
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Abstract: Emergent literacy has been known as a factor responsible for signi􀏐icant results in a child’s endeavor to learn how to read. Emergent literacy, however, requires meaningful interactive experiences with print which is initially stimulated at the child’s own home, also known as home literacy environment (HLE). By definition, HLE is where children may engage in their initial experiences with the written language. Given the importance of the HLE in literacy development, researches have been conducted regarding typically and atypically developing children. Concerning the atypical group, it has been shown that their literacy practices may differ from those with typical development, which seems to affect those children’s emergent literacy skills. Based on the importance of HLE and emergent literacy skills for atypical developing children, this study addressed two aims: a) to map the influence of HLE on emergent literacy skills of dyslexic children through the analysis of recent scientific productions and b) to verify the relevance of Brazilian’s studies in this scientific scenario. A mini literature review was conducted by choosing Scopus as the only database platform to be accessed in our research. In general, formal and informal aspects of HLE experiences have been proven to affect the development of emergent literacy skills in dyslexic children or those at risk for developing dyslexia. Moreover, this subject still seems to be little investigated in Brazil, indicating the existence of a gap in the development of research that relates HLE and atypical developing children, such as dyslexic ones.

Keywords: Home Literacy Environment, Dyslexia, Emergent Literacy, Reading Skill.
Home Literacy Environment, Emergent Literacy and Dyslexia: Implications for Children’s Reading Skill
Ferreira Angelo, Wagner
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Abstract: This study is part of a doctoral research that aims to share preliminary results in a way that opens up academic dialogue. Taking as a theoretical reference and, subsequently, as an object of critical analysis, the thought of Jacques Maritain, it is proposed to expose the pluralist principle and from this, analyze the author's thought and his criticisms of modern thought that has weakened the dignity of the person human and creates an environment where human beings are treated as mere things. From this perspective, it becomes possible to establish violent behavior legitimized by religions and, consequently, harming the dignity of the human person. Based on a systematic review, critical analysis and observational procedures, a qualitative and applied study was prepared with an exploratory objective of bibliographical procedures. This research aims to open dialogue regarding the diversity present in our times, reflect on modern and contemporary thinking about the image of diverse human beings in themselves and, finally, propose possible paths and ways for the generation of social peace, respect between people and the promotion of human dignity.

Keywords: Pluralist Principle, Modernity, Human rights, Jacques Maritain.
The Challenge of Human Rights in Contemporary Times in Jacques Maritain’s Thought
Ferreira Filho, Moacir
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Abstract: This article was developing a discussion about the existence of violence against children and teenagers in Brazilian territory and how the law guarantees adequate protection. The study sought to analyze violence data and the different types of aggression, qualifying and naming them, as well as quantifying this violence in Brazil. Given the data obtained, it's crucial to understand the existence of legislation that seeks to preserve and assure fundamental rights and the various laws about the subject. Highlighting the need for application and the existence of projects as a means to safeguard the enforcement of regulamentation, as demonstrated by the legal scope for insertion in the Brazilian context. This research broaches qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including data analysis and graphs, as well as a bibliographical review and documentary analysis. The parsing of data demonstrates the numerous cases of child violence, and the inspection of the law evidences the importance of legal regulation in this matter to sustain the children’s rights and how its application becomes efficient for reducing them. The study will offer practical applications of existing programs and alternatives to reduce cases and ensure infant protection, as well as to strengthen the applicability of legislation in the context of violence.

Keywords: Human Rights, Brazilian Law, Children and Teenagers, Violence.
Brazilian Law: The Protection for Children and Teenagers Against Violence
Fleck, Juliana
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Abstract: This work’s objective is to determine and comprehend the restructured of the crime fiction literary genre since Edgar Allan Poe’s first work, “The Murders on Morgue Rue” to the release of Agatha Christie’s first best-seller “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”, and to analyse the modifications of this genre made by the author with a new pattern of how to write detective fiction after the creation of Hercule Poirot. It’s necessary to understand the significance of previous works from the author to establish a rhythm on the contemporary novels that assume a different shape from the rise of Agatha Christie works.

Keywords: Literature, fiction, Agatha Christie.
The Christie Effects: The Aims of Crime Fiction Made by Agatha Christie
Frazão Riese, Letícia Monize
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Abstract: Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic neurodegenerative disease which cause is unknown. The clinical manifestations are related to motor symptoms such as bradykinesia, dystonia, tremor and postural balance disorder, and non-motor symptoms such as cognitive decline and depression. Therapy associated with virtual reality (VR) creates a safe and playful environment to achieve therapeutic objectives. The objective of this review was to evaluate the effects of using VR on balance training of PD patients. This is a bibliographic review study with searches in the Pubmed database, the descriptors used were: Virtual Reality AND Balance AND Multiple Sclerosis. Complete articles in the last five years were included, with a population of individuals with PD, who underwent VR therapy to improve postural balance. In total, 120 results were obtained, and with the application of search filters, 91 articles remained. After reading the titles, 20 studies remained for further reading. Of these, 8 were excluded because they did not meet the eligibility criteria, such as uncompleted study, paid articles or not achieving the review objectives, being included 12 articles for quantitative analysis. Most of them were composed by randomised controlled trial. Of the selected articles, 6 presented exergames as VR technology. The 6 articles left shows other types of VR technology were found in the present study. Such technologies found were: Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN); Motek C-Mill; V-Gait; NIRVANA. VR training is effective in gaining balance in patients with PD, improving cognitive-motor performance and self-confidence when compared to conventional training alone, thus generating good acceptance by the patient and greater adherence to treatment. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to assess the patient's level of functionality to implement this type of therapy.

Keywords: Virtual reality, Parkinson, Balance.
Effects of Virtual Reality on Balance Training in Pacients with Parkinson's Disease: A Review Study
Gadelha Barbosa, Nicole
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Abstract: The contemporary landscape of agricultural research has been notably marked by a burgeoning interest in the manifold advantages offered by nanotechnology. Noteworthy among these advancements is the integration of nanocarbon within fertilizers, a venture that has exhibited promising outcomes. Remarkably, China has emerged as a vanguard in the realm of Nanofertilizer development, underscoring its commitment to pioneering innovative agricultural solutions. This current study undertakes a comprehensive and in-depth analysis, focusing on a comparative evaluation of fertilizer production methodologies that incorporate nanocarbon. Specifically, the patents CN102206124 and CN102816003 take center stage in this scrutiny. A meticulous dissection of these processes encompasses an assessment of their respective merits, demerits, converging features, and points of divergence. Evidently, the prospect of bolstering agricultural productivity through the strategic integration of nanoparticle-infused fertilizers holds substantial promise. However, it is incumbent upon us to acknowledge the paucity of comprehensive investigations regarding the potential ecotoxicological ramifications of these nanoparticulate agents. While the promise of heightened crop yield beckons, a cautious and deliberative approach is indispensable, grounded in a thorough comprehension of the potential ecological repercussions associated with these pioneering interventions. In light of these considerations, it becomes clear that further research is imperative to unravel the intricate dynamics underpinning the nexus between nanotechnology-facilitated agricultural practices and the broader ecological framework. This, in turn, will empower stakeholders to make informed and responsible choices, thereby harnessing the full potential of these innovative strides to usher in a new era of sustainable agricultural progress.

Keywords: Nanofertilizer, Agriculture, Toxicity, Patent.
Comparative Study of Fertilizer Production Processes Using Nanocarbon
Garcia Castilho, Valentina
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Abstract: Pharmacogenetics represents an important field to be considered in the search for personalized medical treatments, gaining prominence in the response to antidepressants due to the remarkable variability in patient reactions and the high resistance rate to these classic treatments. Pharmacogenetics analyzes the effects of specific genes on drug response. In the case of antidepressants, pharmacogenetics looks at how particular genes can influence how the body processes these medications. Variations in genes related to drug metabolism are identified in people using classic antidepressants, such as in the CYP450 enzymatic system, which plays a crucial role in the metabolization of antidepressants. CYP450 genetic variations can control the speed and efficiency of metabolization, affecting the effective concentration in the blood and, thus, the response to treatment. Genetic variations in neurotransmitters and their transporters influence different reactions in each individual, especially serotonin and noradrenaline, which are closely related to mood regulation and the main targets of classic antidepressants. Genetic variations in the genes of these neurotransmitters and their transporters can impact the response to pharmacological treatment. Despite the promises of pharmacogenetics in personalized medicines, ethical issues and ongoing research are essential for practical and responsible application. This review addresses pharmacogenetics in the effect of classical antidepressants, focusing on variations in the CYP450 system and neurotransmitters and their transporters.

Keywords: Pharmacogenetics,  antidepressants, depression, genes.
Pharmacogenetics Related to Classical Antidepressants
Gollo Bertollo, Amanda
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Abstract: The project aimed to study the design and development process of a 3D printed bag. The research adopted a qualitative and applied approach, focusing on the detailed description of the creation process of 3D printed bags. The literature review revealed the growing relevance of 3D printing in the fashion industry, highlighting its applications and benefits. The discussions encompassed the initial three phases of product development, namely Planning, Concept Development, and System-level Design. The project's results provided a comprehensive insight into the development process of 3D printed bags, identifying challenges related to the accuracy and detailing of the foam board maquette and the realistic representation of materials used in actual 3D printed bags. Creating sketches and prototypes proved to be a useful approach for visualising and communicating bag designs before full-scale production, although the consideration of alternative materials or prototyping techniques could enhance the accuracy of the maquettes.

Keywords: 3D printing; Design product; Bag; Prototype, Product development.
Study of the Development of a 3D Printed Bag
Gonçallo, Ysabella Regina
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Abstract: This article presents a brief history of the emergence of agile methodologies showing the importance of the roles of agile methodologies in the development of software using Scrum and XP, to verify that the established roles in agile methodologies Scrum and XP are applied in companies in the same way that they are proposed in academic circles, aiming to verify which main divergences between these two visions and how they can complement each other. He was Bibliographical, descriptive, and field research was carried out with fourteen people who work in the area of information technology in the public service, and who have knowledge or who work with agile development, were used to verify if in practice the roles of the agile methodologies Scrum and XP are applied by the theory. Questionnaires in Google Forms and the Likert scale were used.

Keywords: Agile Methodologies, Theory and Practice, XP, Scrum.
The Effectiveness of the Roles Envisioned by Agile Scrum and XP Methodologies
Gonçalves Bueno, Allan
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Abstract: RE1-silencing transcription factor (REST) is an encoded protein member of the Kruppel-type zinc finger transcription factor family. Depending on the tissue, variations in REST concentrations can result in different diseases. Proteins as LSD1, HDAC1, SIN3A and FOXK2 form different complexes with REST and CoREST and they can even interact with each other. In Prostate cancer, LSD1 inhibition can markedly decrease Protein Kinase B phosphorylation, known as AKT. Histone Deacetylase protein (HDAC1) have the function of catalyze the acetylation of lysine residues on the N- terminal of the core histones.   The experiments suggest that Retinoblastoma protein (Rb) can recruit HDAC1 and cooperate to suppress the E2F-regulated promoter of the gene. In addition to the regulatory function of SIN3A in cortical neuron differentiation, it’s been identified that by forming a complex with HADC1 it can act as a suppressor of STAT3 transcriptional activity. In hepatocellular carcinoma FOXK2 knockdown can inhibit the proliferation, colony formation, migration an invasion of HCC cells. The machinery and the pathway will be determined by the type of tumor, the tissue that it is located and the type of target cell. The importance of studying these complexes seems to be the best way to better understand cancer physiopathology and to help develop new drugs that can reach these tumors without affecting functional cells.

Keywords: REST, CoREST, LSD1, HDAC1, SIN3A, FOXK2, Cancer.
Interactions Between REST/Co-REST and LSD1/HDAC1/SIN3A/FOXK2 Complexes in Tumors
Gonzalez Massens, Daniel Alexandre
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Abstract: This article presents a comprehensive case study on waste management at the State University of Maringá (UEM) in Brazil. It addresses the pressing concerns surrounding environmental sustainability and the escalating waste generation within educational institutions, necessitating the implementation of effective waste management strategies. This case study primarily focuses on UEM's initiative to establish a holistic reverse logistics system, aiming not only to minimize its environmental footprint but also to foster sustainability within its academic community. This study approaches the specific waste streams targeted for inclusion in the reverse logistics system, including electronic waste, paper, plastics, and other materials. Furthermore, it highlights the significance of strategic partnerships forged with manufacturers and recycling organizations, underscoring the collaborative efforts required for successful waste diversion. In addition, this case study examines the substantial impact of educational outreach and awareness campaigns conducted within the university community. These initiatives have played a pivotal role in instilling responsible waste disposal practices among students, faculty, and staff. By taking proactive measures to manage waste effectively, the State University of Maringá aspires to serve as a model for sustainable waste management practices within educational institutions. The insights and outcomes presented in this case study serve as a valuable resource for other universities and organizations embarking on similar sustainability journeys.

Keywords: Waste management, reverse logistics, sustainability, educational institutions, environmental impact.
Waste Management in Brazilian Universities: A Case Study of Maringa State University
Guidolin dos Santos, Joao Pedro
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Abstract: This article aims to present the textile industrial structure, by size, and the arrangement of the workforce with regard to schooling and gender in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, Brazil, from 1985 to 2021, through an study which seeks in the research documental the source of data, and descriptive statistics, the aid for their treatment. This search will approach the concepts of industrial heritage and cultural assets, conceptualising, in general terms, the theoretical definitions, relating them to the field of memory and its aspects, as well as presenting the analysis of the data originating from the methodological course carried out on this occasion.

Keywords: Industrial Heritage, Memory, Textile Industry, Workforce.
Memory, Industrial Heritage and the Textile Workforce in South of Brazil: A Statistical Study
Guimarães Vargas Gonçalves, Claudiâni
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Abstract: Mental factors such as pressure, emotional states, health response, or personal traits are acknowledged to have a major influence the intensity of manifestations in gastric-esophageal reflux condition.  The aim of the present study was to highlight the relationship among stress, psychological traits associated with acid reflux and perceptions of reflux symptoms. Two studies were used to analyze the relationship between reflux and anxiety. A retrospective transversal, made by Ji Min Choi, and another prospective, made by Xiao-Jun Yang. Both provided details about this association, in addition to highlighting the importance of endoscopic examination to identify reflux disease. Finally, this close conection between esophageal reflux disease and anxiety needs to be further explored, so that the guidelines may include a holistic treatment for GERD, improving the quality of life in patients affected by it.

Keywords: Reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease, proton pump inhibitors super endoscopy, mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, GERD.
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in Adults and Its Relation with Stress/Anxiety
Gullo de Oliveira Ribeiro, Antônio Vitor
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Gullo de Oliveira Ribeiro, Antônio Vitor
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From a Student’s View, Emotional and Physical Distress Induced by the COVID-19 Pandemic
Abstract: Social structures were challenged and reshaped with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The educational institutions to be assessed in this article, high school, and college, as structures for primary and higher education, respectively, were also affected. However, Brazil's longstanding social inequalities did not impact any other area as directly as education. Distance Learning, in Portuguese “Ensino à Distância” (EAD), the principal teaching tool used at the time, confronts socioeconomic barriers. Thus, the mental and physical complications that arose in students, as a direct byproduct of forced isolation, span various areas, including the inability to cope with the expectations created by themselves and their families during the tumultuous period of completing high school and taking entrance exams. Therefore, students need to be listened to, as a matter of utmost importance, so we, as a society, can understand the origins of their stress, considering that during the pandemic period, over 48 million students ceased attending the regular face-to-face activities of the pre-pandemic period (GRANDSIOLI et al, 2020) [1].

Keywords: COVID-19 education, distance learning, emotional distress, physical distress.
Abstract: In certain cases, brain neoplasms are preceded or accompanied by psychiatric manifestations, including depression, anxiety, mood disorders, irritability, mania, hallucinations, among others. These symptoms can be caused by the biological activity of the tumor, the physical impact of the tumor, such as increased intracranial pressure, or could simply be a consequence of detection bias. Regardless of the etiology, some cases have reported a delay in tumor diagnosis due to the presence of such psychiatric manifestations. Therefore, this literature review aims to highlight key points from articles in the databases: Google Scholar, Scopus and PubMed, from the last five completed years (2018-2022), in order to synthetize the information published recently regarding the matter at hand. The studies remain inconclusive, however indicate that there might be an association between the psychiatric manifestations and brain neoplasms. Therefore, there is a strong need to further investigate these phenomena and invest in research that present improved diagnostic methods for early detection of brain tumors given psychiatric symptomatology.

Keywords: Brain neoplasm, psychiatric manifestations.
Psychotic Manifestations in the Context of Brain Neoplasm: A Literature Review
Hayakawa Serpa, Paula
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Abstract: The opioid crisis has become a global health challenge, marked by escalating rates of opioid misuse, addiction, and overdose deaths. This article examines the multifaceted dimensions of the crisis and explores innovative approaches to both treatment and prevention. The opioid crisis has its roots in the widespread use of opioids for pain management, which has led to an epidemic of addiction. This article also delves into the factors contributing to the crisis, including the role of prescription opioids, the rise of synthetic opioids, and the societal impact. Treatment strategies are a crucial aspect of addressing the crisis, with a focus on medication-assisted therapy (MAT) and harm reduction programs. MAT combines medications with counseling and therapy to support recovery, while harm reduction initiatives aim to reduce the negative consequences of opioid misuse. Preventative measures also play a pivotal role, ranging from prescription drug monitoring programs to public health campaigns. Effective prevention involves a multi-pronged approach that includes education, early intervention, and policy reforms. In a world where the opioid crisis continues to affect communities and healthcare systems, this article serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the crisis and highlights the need for a holistic approach that combines treatment and prevention strategies.

Keywords: Opioid crisis, Opioid addiction, Treatment strategies, Prevention measures, Medication-assisted therapy.
The Opioid Crisis: Approaches to Treatment and Prevention
Itabaiana Nicolau Antunes, Fernanda
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Abstract: Transformers play a key role in the transmission and distribution of power systems. Diagnostic faults of the power transformer is very important to ensure safe and stable operation of the power system. The objective of this article is to show methods for deep learning already applied in transformer differential protection and to share summary results of these methods. The methods addressed are Accelerated Convolutional Neural Network, Signal Localised Convolutional Neural Network, Fast GRNN and Dynamic Differential Current in real time with CNN. In the analysis of the articles, many analyses were carried out in different cases, with accuracy well above 95%, where in some cases it reached more than 99.5%. Therefore, the deep learning methods presented are effective and accurate, enabling for possible more advanced studies.

Keywords: Deep learning, transformer differential protection, electrical power system.
Deep Learning Methods Apply in the Power Transformer Differential Protection
Junio Muller Coelho, Elias
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Abstract: The research on multicultural competencies depends on the development of methods of assessment and the creation of effective training programs. This article aims to examine and describe how the training of multicultural competencies has been researched in the last 10 years. Guided by an integrative literature review, the research was conducted in the Scopus database. Four categories were found within the 12 articles: (1) creating measures for assessing multicultural competencies; (2) assessing multicultural competencies through a training program; (3) using techniques or multicultural competence in a clinical psychology context; (4) researching a specific cultural group. Finally, results are discussed, bringing up limitations and implications for training and research.

Keywords: Multicultural competence; psychotherapy training; therapeutic relationship;  cultural competence; intercultural competence;
An Integrative Review of Training in Multicultural Competencies for Psychotherapy
Kamohara Teixeira, Samuel
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Abstract: The food environment, defined as the individual's interaction with internal and external factors, such as the food systems, represents great importance in public policies for health prevention and healthy eating promotion. Advertising is considered part of the information food environment, and digital food marketing has been identified as one of the most influential means in company advertising in recent years. The aim of this study was to highlight the main scientific evidence and provide information about the role of food and beverage advertising in the YouTube® and Twitch® streaming platform, promoting a critical-reflective analysis. A narrative literature review was conducted, which included the search and analysis of observational studies that evaluated food advertising on streaming platforms. Most of the studies focus on analyzing content on the YouTube® platform aimed at children and adolescents, where the majority of advertisements promote unhealthy foods, characterized as products with low nutritional value and high amounts of sugar, saturated fat and/or sodium. International health organizations are joining forces to contain the spread of overweight, obesity and non-communicable diseases, which numbers are worrisome for children and adolescents. To achieve the global agenda of health prevention is necessary joint action from all spheres of society, considering that the creation of regulatory measures aimed at food advertising is an urgent measure.

Keywords: Marketing, Video streaming, Persuasive Communication, Twitch®, YouTube®.
Digital Food Environment: Food and Beverage Advertising on Streaming Platforms
Klauck Kern, Luana
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Abstract: Biomaterials are described as materials that are constantly in contact with biological systems and aim to rehabilitate, reconstruct, or aid bone formation. Biomaterials can originate from different sources, whether natural or synthetic, each with distinct applications and characteristics. Their use should be determined based on the individual clinical applicability of each. This article aims to review the different characteristics of various types of biomaterials and their clinical applications in maxillofacial surgeries. In conclusion, both synthetic and natural biomaterials possess properties that indicate their use. Therefore, it is up to the maxillofacial surgeon to determine which biomaterial will have the best longevity and biocompatibility for each case.

Keywords: Biocompatible Materials, Maxillofacial Surgery, Bone Remodeling, Bone Substitutes, Risks.
Biomaterials in Maxillofacial Surgery: A Literature Review
Lacerda dos Santos, Milena
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Abstract: Stricto sensu graduate studies (Master and Doctorate) are recent in Brazil, especially in the field of Administration. Coherence between the objectives of the courses and the desired profile of the student has become necessary to enable training for professional practice and technical-scientific activities. The objective is to characterize the profile of students entering postgraduate programs in Administration, future professors, and researchers in the area. We opted for the use of multiple case studies from institutions that offer Master and Doctorate programs (both academic and professional) in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Data collection is used through data from the Open Data Set made available by Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel – Capes (2019). Data analysis was performed in a descriptive and interpretative manner. In summary, the results show that most Master’s and Doctorate’s graduate students in Administration are aged between 20 and 39 years old, just as the female audience is predominant.

Keywords: Higher Education Institutions, Postgraduate, Profile, Administration.
Profile of Entrants to the Postgraduate Program in Administration in Santa Catarina
Leite, Ana Luiza
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Abstract: This study investigated the application of the relational database as an active methodology in high school, together with the analysis of data from national bodies, such as IBGE from Brazil. The main objective was to encourage the development of critical citizenship among students while learning content. The methodology used predominantly involved a bibliographical review, using Paulo Freire's ideas and mathematics textbook examples as the main basis. Also, the MySQL Workbench tool was used for a practical illustration of how all this could work in the classroom, alongside IBGE research and applications. All of this was developed so that the student can learn the content and visualize how the knowledge obtained can be useful in the real world, not just within school. Although the results were theoretical, the article highlighted the potential for transformation in the educational field, highlighting the need for reformulations in curriculum planning. Reflections were also raised about the better-planned use of technology in education, as the opposite of this can further contribute to a school curriculum that does not encourage students' critical thinking. In summary, this innovative approach sought to enrich students' learning experience, promoting critical citizenship, and aiming for a more meaningful and relevant education through the use of technological tools.

Keywords: SQL, Problem Based-Learning, national data, classroom, critical thought.
Education for Critical Citizens: Relational Database and IBGE Data in High School
Leonel Bertelli, Maria Fernanda
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Abstract: Objective: To carry out a literary review on the gut-brain theme and its relationship with mental health. Material and methods: This is a systematic review, scientific articles were selected between 2013 and 2023. The search was carried out using Google Scholar databases. Results: This review showed that the intestinal microbiota is related to psychological disorders, as well as the importance of psychobiotics and how they interfere in beneficial way for health. Conclusion: The intestinal microbiota interferes with the functioning of the enteric nervous system, these changes linked to bad lifestyle habits can induce the generation of psychological disorders.

Keywords: Gastrointestinal Microbiome; Depression; Brain-Gut Axis.
Literature Review on the Importance of Intestinal Microbiota in Depressive Disorders
Lopes Sandroni, Giulia
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Abstract: Research indicates that spirituality can have a significant impact on an individual's health and well-being. However, there is limited discussion about how to effectively address spirituality in medical history, considering its potential benefits and drawbacks for patients. Recognizing this gap, we conducted a study to analyze the effectiveness of various models used worldwide to approach spirituality in medical anamnesis. One model we explored is the FICA questionnaire, which involves asking about the presence of faith, its importance/influence in the person's life, participation in a spiritual community, and the patient's preferred approach to addressing spirituality in their healthcare. While the FICA questionnaire is practical, we found that it did not address potential issues related to negative religious coping or religious/spiritual struggles. Additionally, we examined the Brief RCOPE, considered more advanced in this area. However, we observed that it was limited in terms of religious diversity, making it challenging for healthcare professionals to address a broader range of religious beliefs in their assessments. Consequently, we conclude that further research is necessary to reevaluate and enhance the medical anamnesis by incorporating and addressing more extensive and diverse aspects of patients' spirituality. This approach should also explore both the potential benefits and harms of spirituality to the patient's health. By doing so, healthcare professionals can ensure a more comprehensive and patient-centered approach to addressing spirituality in medical consultations.

Keywords: Systematic review, Struggle, Mental health, Questionnaire, Faith.
Risks and Benefits of Spirituality and Religion: An Analysis of Medical Anamnesis
Loula Dourado do Nascimento, Gabriela
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Abstract: The convergence between color psychology and interior design has gained significant recognition in recent decades. Understanding how color choices influence emotions and human behavior is essential for creating spaces that not only capture the eye but also evoke specific emotional responses in occupants. This article synthesizes key theories and findings from scientific studies, focusing on the central role of color psychology in enhancing comfort, well-being, and the overall ambiance of interior environments. The methodology employed includes a comprehensive literature review, anchoring this research in the works of eminent scholars who have provided a strong framework for understanding the profound impact of colors on emotional and psychological perceptions within indoor spaces. In the realm of interior design, color not only shapes a space's character but also influences physical and emotional states. Dr. Chaudhary et al. (2023) further elucidate the emotional responses evoked by different colors, from red's association with energy to blue's calming effect. [1] These emotional responses underscore the significant influence of color choices on moods and perceptions, highlighting the importance of color selection in various aspects of design and daily life. In conclusion, this study establishes a profound connection between colors and human emotions, emphasizing their pivotal role in shaping residential and workplace environments. A comprehensive understanding of the emotional and atmospheric impact of color is imperative in interior design, providing valuable insight for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Keywords: Color psychology, interior design, emotions, human behavior.
The Power of Color: Understanding Its Influence in Psychology and Interior Design
Lovatto Santos, Ana Clara
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Abstract: This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of two distinct short stories authored by prominent Brazilian writers, Clarice Lispector and Luiz Vilela. Through rigorous bibliographical research, these narratives are examined through the lens of Epiphany, a concept pioneered by James Joyce. Epiphany, in this context, represents a profound revelation about the essence of a common object, which may unfold in either a pleasant or unpleasant manner. James Joyce's utilization of Epiphany as a literary device not only contributed to his distinctive style but also paved the way for broader literary exploration. Beyond Joyce's mastery of language, this article delves into the concept of intertextuality, a term coined initially by Julia Kristeva. Intertextuality is the intricate web of connections that link various texts, allowing for the creation of entirely new literary works. The intersection of Epiphany and intertextuality is examined through the works of Lispector and Vilela, who skillfully adapt Joyce's concept to their unique writing styles. The analysis reveals that Joyce's Epiphany is present to varying degrees in the works of these Brazilian authors. It is noteworthy that these authors employ the concept in distinctive ways, showcasing their creativity and originality. Importantly, it is emphasized that this divergence does not diminish the value of their texts within the realm of literature. On the contrary, it serves to enrich the world of writing, demonstrating how literary concepts can evolve and adapt to the individuality of each author's voice.

Keywords: Intertextuality, Epiphany, short stories, Brazilian writers.
Epiphanies in Brazilian Literature: A Joycean Influence
Lourenço Carvalho, Clea Marcia
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